You will find someone better

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I will finally feel that I belong to him and he will show me his love so many times.

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He will cherish me like I was the apple of his eye. But it is also clever to learn from them. Love with him will be as normal as breathing. And I will feel good in my own skin. After so many times, after so many love battles, with him I will finally be myself. Even if I am in love, I need to feel that I can leave and take as much time as I need to pick myself up.

He can just leave me alone to find the sense in life, to finally find myself in this thing called life. He will accept me with all my imperfections and he will proudly show me to the world. I will find someone who will be so easy to love. I will meet a man who will choose my happiness over his. One day I will meet a man who will make me feel good. With him, life will be easier than before.

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I will laugh louder, I will make love louder and I will love louder. A man like that will help me to build my self-esteem and to finally learn to cope with life problems. A man like that will be my human diary and the first man I run to when life gets tough.

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A man like that will be my best friend, my lover and my partner. So, I will stick to him and I will never let him go. I promise I will find a better man than you. And you will feel sorry. But I am not the same young girl anymore. I am a grown woman now and I know what I want out of my life.

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Too bad, but you are not a part of my plans anymore. It lives here for someone way better than you! Christine passionately writes all kinds of amazing advice on how to help yourself get through the struggles life puts you through. As a psychologist, she explores different kinds of personality types and shares all her knowledge with you, hoping it will help you handle life and relationships.

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Christine Keller August 1, Share article. One day, I promise that I will find a better man than you. Tina Navarro August 12, Selma June October 28, Related articles. Written by. Ariel Quinn August 4,

You will find someone better

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You Will Find Someone Better Than Me