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I had great luck with Xpress when compared to others. If you are a horny guy I would recommend them since it solved my problems Seriously though you need to be a good looking guy who is in shape to get anywhere. Also watch out for the fake profiles. Most are easy to spot but there were a few who got pass my radar. Xpress has problems but it is the best of a bad lot. JoeWonder Anonymous. Xpress looks pretty fancy for a dating site. Is it any good? If it is free I am not sure why it needs a guarantee though. I think I will try it out this week and report back. I do not think they even have real girls at all… Get free profile if you want and play around… very soon you will see that it is all BS.

Me Anonymous.

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So is xpress. You never reported back and I have been waiting. WG Anonymous. He's correct these sites are all the same owners with different names and on most it's all escorts if any real girl. Plan on getting a ton of spam and watching how beautiful women bombard you the first day then slows to a crawl if anything at all. They get you excited and hope to get that credit card num.

The girls profile said she was in New Zealand and I could hardly not laugh when she said she was in town for 2 weeks visiting family, wow what luck. Seven Anonymous. Soneone Anonymous. Normally I do not engage in discussions, and do not re-post my comments, but this time… I will.

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Just out of curiosity, nothing else really… because nothing else you can get there. Can only repeat this once again: Rubbish. Get free profile, and play around. First of all, you will get messages regardless of what you will have in your profile. Do not be overexcited with hope that at least some of them will be good, be patient and smart.

Just play a bit longer, and you will get your own idea… This comment is just because I was using online dating for around 15 Xpress dating site reviews and very much disappointed how greed overtook this field, which ones was fair and fun game… And yes, there are sites which are still ok. Do not ask which one, I will not reply, because it will look as an advert of over sites, and there too much BS already around Much more difficult than it used to be, but yes, I am still getting dates again no quick fix anymorebut NOT from THIS site.

CM Anonymous. Gentlemen, The answer is no. The site is bogus. I read the comments on this blog before dropping 30 bucks on a silver membership. I wanted some entertainment and to test a few theories so I could post back here. My humble Conclusion: Save your money. Here's my experience - what you will see. I created a profile but posted no photo in the first few days I was on there.

Regardless of my lack of photo or real details about interests, etc, I still got invitations to meet! Question: Why would these sometimes super hot chicks need to go after random strangers who have posted no photos to their profile, if all the want is sex? Enough said. One Liners rule the day None of the "women" 6 in total I regulalrly communicated with over the month, ever responded with anything other than ridiculous, one liners that had no meaning, substance and often did not relate to the conversation we were allegedly having - suggesting the responses were mass generated by third parties.

I tired this out and it happened not just a few times but I Xpress dating site reviews about 50 s that said essentially nothing of substance - just silly, suggestive sentences about what she would do to me when we got together. While the profiles seem at first legit, if you raise any specific area of interest the "lady" has mentioned in her profilethe answers you get back do not touch on the subject. My resoning as follows: if she was really intersted in say, sculpting dog shaped porcelain and she went to the trouble of posting that interest on her profile for the world to see and then she sent someone an asking to chat Just nonsense.

Guys, I could go on, the examples are numerous and I did this for about a month. I've read other posts that say there's a guarantee on the site. I wont be bothering. Probably be unsuccessful anyway. Cancelled my membership few days back. Hope they respect my wish! My next bill will tell the tale on that point I guess. My suggestion - keep your money. This site is fake. Best of luck. Quote by: Anonymous I had great luck with Xpress when compared to others. Brmnn Anonymous. A scam ALL the way! You'll get answers. Then replays. One sentenceumbigious nonsense.

Once you ask the "closing questions, " where and when" It's a boiler room operation in Jamacia. Save you money Cheaper and a LOT more on the " up and up". I'm a victim and witness, it is a cruel scam. If you are looking for love, you never find on this site, they don't take the time to even back, if so its a short phrase as mentioned already.

I was looking for easy, safe sex within 50 miles.

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And notice before trying a 3 day trail all the chicks that ed were 60 to miles away and looked very hot! Now I'm typing with a hard-on as I a fake chick. LOL I tested to see if they were reading the mail and then I realized they were answering the mail. I told the girls, I would my when they contact myspecial because I'm getting off because of my suspicion of them reading our mail.

I send one my cell. Two days and no reply by or cell phone, I figured if at least one of them are real I should get a connection. So I decided to check Xpress's Reviews and realized my suspicions were true. I should have checked here first. I asked a lady friend to check this site out, not everybody seem to be a freak at all. She ed and before she could complete half of her profile and comments, she decided to post her photo of course a fake photoshe suddenly became a "Man", with no photo, they put in " I'm a man looking for a Man".

Didn't allow her to be a woman. Zapped out her heading and about herself statment. Don't send a photo, it Xpress dating site reviews become "Bait" for a woman's Dating-sucker-site. I was a little up set but, I didn't loose much but time and false expectation. New Topic Post Reply. All times are EDT. The time is now am. Search Search.

Xpress dating site reviews

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