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Jump to content. On raising a ticket the same stupid reply comes from wg that they match tank by type not players. Even if you are matching by type of tank, just flip the players for each tank type so as to balance out the average winrate. I am getting too many game where my hts and tds are all moron with hts camping and rhm going to hull down in the front. So many of my friends have left this game because of this retreaded matchmaking and i am thinking the same. They spend so much effort on useless avatars but not on matchmaking without which it will be just another stupid multiplayer.

I agree with Gandalf. People remember the cases with odd things happening than the usual case. Did you check the WR of both teams when you win? TnkDztroyer, on 07 June - AM, said:. Ash has always been WG loyal to the bone! I do not know if either he owns a bunch of shares from WG or if he is some kind of [edited] fellow by principle.

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If he was a good player or had decent stats at least, it would make sense to defending his performance and being able to outplay MM. Or maybe because of being an underperforming player anyway, rigged MM does not make any difference for him? The odds of having such loosing strikes losses are already statistically odd when you start playingclearly indicates rigging to incite players to play more, at least 10 games to recover their WR, or for those who do not care about WR, to have a few wins in a session. If you haven't played the game on a certain for some time, you often get Wins for starters, to motivate you to go on!

MM is rigged - and that's that! You and I are not playing the same game! Every system is perfectly deed to produce exactly the that it produces. If only blitzstar tracked these sort of stats then we will know how broken the matchmaking is. Rinskiev, on 07 June - AM, said:. Its not odd occurrence, since 6. Even if I am the one winning its very boring as one-sided games takes the fun out of a multiplayer game. I want fair and competitive matches.

The only good thing about winning steamrolls is that it pushes your winrate up. It's not a satisfying game, or win. I don't mind losing when it's a competitive close game, because then you know you deserved to lose, and the best team one. In other words, one team starts off with a 2-tank disadvantage, i.

Is it a big surprise than a 2 tank disadvantage translates to a loss, excluding the rare occasions where one tank in the disadvantage team manages to pull off a kolobanov and mastery. Its easy for WG to take action against these 0 dmg players, but evidently these players are essential to WG's business model. So you get events that can be completed by 'wins', meaning the player can afk all he wants until he gets the requisite of wins. Newb, on 08 June - PM, said:. Whats really stupid is they could have easily balanced it out by simply switching our e with there wz I often have games with one afk, but not usually more.

But there are often games where some tanks do very little, which is usually because they get killed quickly due to inexperience, or else they do little because they're afraid of being killed, and that's once again due to inexperience. Newb, on 11 June - AM, said:. I don't need to do a spreheet analysis to observe that 3 out of every 5 games are severely skewed in one teams favour. Playing the match and going through the post-battle screen is enough to notice that this matchmaking was retarded and it could have easily made more fair by simply exchanging 1 or 2 players in similar tanks like the example above.

The screenshot above was to demonstrate that only. I go through the profiles of both team of every stomped up games, whether i win or loose and this is always the case. So its not World of tanks forum matchmaking 1 game, so stop pretending to be a smartass by explaining how to do simple statistical World of tanks forum matchmaking.

Then theres also the point that why is even a single game has matchmaking like this when it can be corrected by a very simple shuffle of players. Meaning only shuffles are needed to get the best matchmaking by win rate out of all possibilities. It will hardly be 25K cpu cycles assuming that 1 shuffle takes cpu cycles which is a very generous estimate for a well written code it shouldn't take more that 25 cycles. Community Forum Software by IP. I've had to wait in a queue for over 10 minutes before in a KV1S with over 20 tanks all the time at same, below and above tiers, so 60 tanks available, plus more than 30 tanks of each type available at all times.

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Clearly nothing to do with matchmaking by just tank type. Ticket with screenshots received no reply at all. When there is a blue player on opposite team there will almost invariably be a blue player on your team as well. I had a 9 consecutive games statistics from December to prove that, Gandalf had some statistics back from February to prove that.

Do you have a written proof of your allegations? Show some of your consecutive games statistics of yours and enemy teams composition before saying that the match making is skewed. Now having said that, I shall claim that the match making algorithm is not making a good job of distributing the players. What I mean is there were times when Battle Experience between teams are lopsided, such as team Red had 4 players who had played more than games while team Green had only 2 players of similar quality with 2 of the least battle experienced players also in team Green.

Or vice versa.

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I am not being combative or argumentative, but before blaming the match making for your losses please have some written data beforehand. Otherwise it is just hot air.

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Can't use the skill rating for matchmaking if it's affected by the match. WR is affected by matchso you can't use it for matchmaking. Okay, that was 1 screenshot. Now do that for 10 games in a row, doesn't matter where you win or lose. Don't forget to add the s of battles for each player. If you added the battle s each player had done, and ranked them from 1 to 14, that would show you how skewed team distribution is from population experience. I can post my data from December if you can open Excel, but if you want me to provide for 6.

Takes too much time. There's simply no mathematical way to predict winning games. There are many times where the more experienced and better winning rate team lost a match because they made mistakes. There's only one truth out there, team who won dealt more damage than the other one. If you truly want random matchmaking suggest to wargaming like this. When you press that battle button, for example with a tier 5 tank, you are placed on two queues, one with tier 4 and 5, the one with tier 5 and 6. First one in queue go for green, next one is red. Whichever queue got 14 players first play first.

First come first served. Newb, on 11 June - AM, said: Okay, that was 1 screenshot. Back to Game Discussion. Reply to quoted posts Clear.

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World of tanks forum matchmaking

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