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The company installed surveillance equipment in at least 17 of its Internet hubs on American soil, far more than its similarly sized competitor, Verizon. And its engineers were the first to try out new surveillance technologies invented by the eavesdropping agency. It is not clear if the programs still operate in the same way today.

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Since the Snowden revelations set off a global debate over surveillance two years ago, some Silicon Valley technology companies have expressed anger at what they characterize as NSA intrusions and have rolled out new encryption to thwart them. The telecommunications companies have been quieter, though Verizon unsuccessfully challenged a court order for bulk phone records in At the same time, the government has been fighting in court to keep the identities of its telecom partners hidden. This year, a federal judge dismissed key portions of the lawsuit after the Obama administration argued that public discussion of its telecom surveillance efforts would reveal state secrets, damaging national security.

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The division is responsible for more than 80 percent of the information the NSA collects, one document states. Fairview is one of its oldest programs.

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Several former intelligence officials confirmed that finding. In Octoberthe United States told the United Nations that it would not monitor its communications. The documents also show that another program, code-named Stormbrew, has included Verizon and the former MCI, which Verizon purchased in One describes a Stormbrew cable landing that is identifiable as one that Verizon operates. Another names a contact person whose LinkedIn profile says he is a longtime Verizon employee with a top-secret clearance.

After the terrorist attacks of Sept. The report, disclosed by Snowden and ly published by The Guardiandoes not identify the companies by name but describes their market share in s that correspond to those two businesses, according to Federal Communications Commission reports.

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By contrast, the other company did not start until Februarythe draft report said. After Congress passed a law legalizing the Bush program and immunizing the telecom companies for their cooperation with it, that lawsuit was thrown out. Plaintiffs have been trying without success to get courts to address whether copying and sifting pieces of all those s violates the Fourth Amendment. Instead, the telecoms have done the sifting and forwarded messages the government believes it may legally collect.

Targeting someone on American soil requires a court order under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. When a foreigner abroad is communicating with an American, that law permits the government to target that foreigner without a warrant. And when foreigners are messaging other foreigners, that law does not apply and the government can collect such s in bulk without targeting anyone. Because domestic wiretapping laws do not cover foreign-to-foreign s, the companies have provided them voluntarily, not Wife wants nsa Marathon City response to court orders, intelligence officials said.

But it is not clear whether that remains the case after the post-Snowden upheavals. He declined to elaborate. This story was co-published with The New York Times. Julia Angwin is a senior reporter at ProPublica. From toshe was a reporter at The Wall Street Journal, where she led a privacy investigative team that was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Reporting in and won a Gerald Loeb Award in NSA collection at this site was temporarily disrupted after the Japanese earthquake damaged the undersea cable.

Wife wants nsa Marathon City

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