Wife sex forums

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Let us know in a 30 second survey. Filters Show: Loading…. Chris H. Oct 2, Locked. Oct 2, by Chris H. Exercise vs sex??? Sexless Marriage - Need advice. SheReTruth 2 d ago. Netflix's Sex Life and other sexy shows. What's your ideal frequency in your mind, not your spouse's. CountryMike 18 d ago 2 3 4. I desire to desire her Partner counts and the impact on subsequent long term relationships? The Infinity Hole. Ginjavanish 15 d ago 2. Sex Obsession. Timben 3 d ago.

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Sex Journal Discussion. Husband too vanilla in bed. Roguekittysaysmeow 7 d ago 2.

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Betty Sue 14 d ago 2. Husband Not Interested in Sex. Two Articles one on a healthy sex life with low libido partner and a second about asexual love relationships. Young at Heart 5 d ago. Life regrets. Wife hates receiving oral. Mutual masturbation. Dwindling sex in marriage. MarmiteC 9 d ago. Young Sexless Married Couple. What do I do? Snoopy2 27 d ago 3 4 5. Is it sufficient? MaiChi 17 d ago.

Just gonna say it: I don't like sex. HelenaIvy 13 d ago Locked 4 5 6. Just found out I have low testosterone. DawgFan79 16 d ago. I just caught my husband masterbating. Tiffcomfort 7 mo ago Locked 2 3 4. Dealing with sexual boredom in long happy marriage. Feeling Sex-Starved update toward end of thread. ComplicatedMarriage 1 mo ago 3 4 5. Confused and Frustrated.

RyanJ 15 d ago. Weird turn offs…. Salty93 23 d ago 2 Wife sex forums. What sex related questions to you want to ask your spouse, but haven't because fear of rejection, judgement, or just to afraid to ask? CountryMike 16 d ago 2.

Is it too much for some for thre to be started that focus on getting folks to shortening their sexual problems questions into short forms? CountryMike 16 d ago. How Much Should You Compromise. the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. Sex in Marriage Sexual problems are common in many relationships.

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This section is for discussions about sexuality. Please limit discussions to those asking for help with a problem and those offering advice. Any other thre may be deleted.

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Wife sex forums

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