Which superhero are you test

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One of the best decades for action movies was the 90s.

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Ben Affleck has been a major force in Hollywood for over twenty years, and he shows no s of slowing down. Think you could fill his shoes? It seems like Mr. Willis has been making movies for as long as we can remember! Why should the men have all the fun? These women could take down any man, any time! Take this quiz to find out which female action hero you are! Which Superhero are you? Put on your cape, face your villain nemesis, and find out which of our favorite Superheroes you are. Which superhero are you? Take this Superhero quiz to find out.

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But which are you most like? What are your values? What are your superhero weaknesses and villains? Take this quiz to find out. Which Superhero Are You? Get the super-sharp knife out of your belt and cut her out Create a storm that will tear the door off, but make sure someone's ready to catch her Pull the door off and pull her out.

Use your web to pull the door off.

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Get the rest of the group and work together to get her out Use a fancy gadget to free the door and easily help her out. The ability to alter the weather The ability to fly! The ability to stretch as far as I need to Who needs super powers when you're smart! The ability to jump roof tops and climb walls Superhuman strength.

You go out to fight them. What do they look like? Like a clown! A very rich, powerful man. A mad scientist who can control metal. He's usually wearing a cape The way my molecules are arranged. The fact that I was not born on Earth. My altered DNA. My intelligence. The way I was born.

How do you stop him? Make a thick fog so he can't see where he's going and have someone meet him in about 5 feet. Entangle him in a web that's impossible to get out of. Take him to the police and let them handle it from there. Wrap myself around him. Get him locked up right away!

Fight Which superhero are you test until I have him pinned, unable to escape Use my tools to defend the city until the authorities can take him in. My mansion. My aunt's house. My farm. My apartment. The academy. A remote island. Fight crime as usual Show off my superior abilities. That "NEW" hero is a part of our team!

Try to find out their secret identity See if they would like to work alongside of you and the team.

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You look and see that it is a plane falling towards the ground, about to crash. Can you stop it? I can try. I'll use a web to try to get a safe landing out of it. With my 3 teammates I can!

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I'll just create a strong upward wind to soften the landing! I don't have powers. I only fight crime. I'll just fly up and stop it in the air. I went through that phase a few years ago.

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Plenty of kids in the academy can barely handle theirs! I remember those like yesterday. What are those? A world where everyone got along. The girl. My uncle. Once in a while I wish things were back to normal. No more crime in the city. For the world to be a safer place 7. You have to save him! But, how? Stand underneath him and pull a helpful gadget out. Stretch from where I am to grab him and bring him down safely. Swing from building to building and catch him.

Create a tornado to bring me to him and grab him, then calm the weather down. I'll fly over and catch him. Start Quiz. Get new quizzes every day. Like us on Facebook! Which Action Hero Are You?

Which superhero are you test

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