What to expect after smoking weed

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Many medical cannabis proponents are bypassing the act of combustion and opting for flame-free vaporizing, edibles, topicals and other ingestion methods. However, for medical cannabis users who desire fast acting, full power effects, smoking the herb is still the favored method. Anyone not accustomed to smoking should be prepared to cough the first time they inhale marijuana smoke.

Even experienced cannabis consumers tend to cough when smoking blunts or ts. Marijuana — in particular flowers — is plant matter that contains moisture. When combusted, the smoke will be thick and cough triggering. The ash produced along with the smoke also makes people cough. Unfortunately, the combination What to expect after smoking weed smoke and hard coughing may cause headaches in some people.

These coughing headaches tend to subside quickly, but should be taken into consideration by medical cannabis patients seeking migraine relief. Also keep in mind, as a first timer, that blunt papers are made with tobacco; so consumers from the U. In Europe, mixing tobacco with marijuana might seem to make people cough less, only because they have become used to smoking it this way. To smoke pure weed Leafwell recommends smoking extracts through high quality pipes with built in ash catchers.

You may find pipes less harsh than blunts. With pipes, there is less burning plant matter, and no papers to contend with. A cannabis newcomer might need to spend a little time getting used to consumption by pipe by smoking cannabis pure over the course of several days. Smoking cannabis delivers a more immediate effect than most other methods vaping produces similar rapid effects. When cannabinoids are inhaled, they pass through your lungs directly into the bloodstream and straight to the brain. Tinctures and edibles on the route to the brain pass through the liver first, where they turn from deltaTHC to the more potent and easily-absorbed hydroxy-THC.

THC is the main cannabinoid associated with the cannabis high. Strains with high CBD and low THC or equal ratios of the two still induce ease, calmness, positivity and pain relief, but the user remains clear-headed and focused. Now, these effects are not universal.

Some consumers report CBD producing some psychoactive effect. Cannabis products that affect one person one way may not affect another in the same way. Every strain and the phenotypes found within those strains has different cannabinoid and terpenoid concentrations that exert a dramatic influence upon what effects that cannabis strain produces, on top of what it tastes like.

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For example, taking two strains with equal THC:CBD ratios, but one strain has high amounts of myrcene and cannabigerol CBG and the other does not will create a massive difference of effects in each strain. Cannabinoid and terpenoid concentrations have a greater influence than whether a strain is a sativa or indica on the effect a particular strain will have.

There are general clues to be found within these broad labels. Indica-dominant strains tend to produce more CBD. There are exceptions to this interesting phenomenon.

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One of the best things about cannabis is that, if you overdo it a little, you are not likely to end up in a hospital getting your stomach pumped. Dizziness, loss of balance and forgetfulness are common side-effects of overindulgence. In rare instances, newcomers may vomit or succumb to paranoia. These are not necessarily common distressing side-effects.

In most instances, over-indulgers simply fall asleep or recline for a few hours or until the worst of the side-effects are over, whichever comes first. Although cannabis smoke is different to many other kinds of smoke, there is some risk associated with smoking it, including chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.

However, some conditions respond best to the immediate effect smoking cannabis gives. Vaporizers diminish the amount of smoke to some extent. Benefits depend upon the build quality of the vaporizer and ensuring the right materials are vaped. Many vape juices contain unsavory additives, as well as polyaromatic hydrocarbons, which can cause all sorts of health problems.

A high quality vaporizer using well-grown cannabis flower and well-extracted hashish is essential if you wish to go down the vaporizer route. All-in-all, medical marijuana is one of the least frightening anti-inflammatory and painkilling medications yet discovered.

If you currently take prescription benzodiazepines or barbiturates, you are already taking far more powerful and dangerous drugs than cannabis. The only thing potentially stopping you from trying this — and hopefully using it to replace some nasty pharmaceutical drugs — is a hesitating anxiety.

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Leave that fear behind. Obtain a medical marijuana card and see if cannabis can make a massive positive change to your life. Save Save Save Save. Dipak wants to unlock the power of the plant, and see if there are specific cannabinoid-terpene-flavonoid profiles suitable for different conditions. If skeptics of regulated marijuana, or cheerleaders for taxed weed dispensaries, needed one more that the legal cannabis In an entire lifetime fraught with anxiety, two changes above all others have made hugely positive impacts on my condition.

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Secondhand marijuana smoke is not going away. With medical marijuana cards being issued at rates of thousands per day, exposure Cannabis Products.

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Determining which cannabidiol CBD products are best for you or someone you care for is difficult. This is because there are so Get approved for medical marijuana online from a d physician. Only pay if you are approved. Free Cannabinoid and Terpene Guide.

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Get Started. Let us know what you are looking to use medical cannabis for, and we will point you in the right direction. Contact our support.

What to expect after smoking weed

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