What naruto shippuden character are you quiz

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We send trivia questions and personality tests every week to your inbox. By clicking " Up" you are agreeing to our privacy policy and confirming that you are 13 years old or over. Scroll To Start Quiz. I can't imagine living anywhere else. The Hidden Lock Village. The Village Hidden in the Mist. The Howling Wolf Village. Itachi Uchiha. I'd do alright, but I'd be caught daydreaming. I'd do wonderfully: I love learning new things. I would do horribly: I tend to get bored if I sit still too long. I guess I'd do alright. I'm an open book. Yes, but it won't hurt anyone.

Yes, and it could be harmful to others. If you can understand me, then I'm pretty transparent. It's strained at best. I love my family dearly. My family loves me in their own way. My family and I get along. I'm engaged. I'm married. I'm divorced. I'm dating someone. I'd be the loose cannon who may start something I can't finish. I'd work triage. I'd formulate the plan to defeat the enemy. I'd lead the cavalry. It can be very destructive of property and people. If you manage to harness it, it could be a powerful ally.

I respect its power. I listen sympathetically, then tell them to follow their heart. If it is with another person, I offer to beat them up. If it is with something else, I offer to take care of it for them. I stop them before they start and tell them to go to someone else, reassuring them I'm pretty useless at this kind of thing. I would listen, then offer probable solutions and their possible outcomes. If they were giving me a run for my money, I may end up losing anyway. No way! I guess: I'm not really into games. If they had a bad day or needed an ego boost, sure.

A katana.

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Ninja stars. Depends on who I'm going against. I have trained animals. I send someone out to do the scouting. I forgo subtlety and just march up and threaten to beat them up if they don't give me what I want. I attempt to do the scouting on my own, but I usually fail. I recruit someone to help me get the information required. Having a demon who helps me fight. Seeing through things. Any of them would be cool. Talking to the animals.

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They are all equally good. He tries too hard. He is a good fighter. He's awesome!

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He often overestimates his abilities. I've recently become a fan. I've liked "Naruto" since I was. I became a fan in high school. I've loved "Naruto" since he was in a manga. A fox. A cat. A frog. A dog. She is pretty smart. She needs to stop chasing after Sasuke. It is distracting. She's alright. I don't know her well enough to say anything. I am an only. I have a couple of siblings. I have quite a few siblings. I have one sibling. He's OK. I think he doesn't take teaching his students seriously.

He is a tough person to read. I would make it all the way through. I'd probably fail the second part. It would depend on the teammates I have. I'd probably fail the first part. I have to concentrate really hard to get my chakra under control. A cool head keeps my chakra under control. Keeping my chakra under control comes naturally to me. I've practiced a lot to get my chakra under control. I'd try to get it exorcized. I'd kill myself to kill it. I'd strike a deal with it. I'd get to know it better.

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I've been in the infirmary a couple of times. I work in the infirmary, so I don't get hurt very often. Oh, I live in the infirmary. It's very rare that I have to go to the infirmary. I can tackle any group of foes by myself! I think a few people would make a good team. A team of five or more would be a good team.

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An army of hundreds of soldiers would be good for me. He definitely has the passion to get to the top. He needs to realize that being Hokage is more than having a title. If he has a solid foundation, he could be a good a leader. I think he's a little dramatic. He's scary. He's a brilliant fighter. I don't really think of him.

What naruto shippuden character are you quiz

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Which Naruto Shippuden Character Are You?