What is the worst type of drug

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Scientists from the National Institute on Drug Abuse answer common questions teens ask about drug use and addiction. The episode What Is the Worst Drug? That is a very complicated question because like, it depends on what kind of worst are you thinking about. And alcohol and nicotine are the most pervasive used drugs and because of that they also are able for a lot of deaths and also health issues because of prolonged use of these drugs or binge-like use of alcohol.

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And right now, in the US we have a very dangerous drug that is fentanyl that is a synthetic opioid that has been mixed into other drugs and is contaminating meth, coke, heroin and fentanyl is very potent and it can cause death. Drugs like methamphetamine and fentanyl are extremely dangerous for an individual who's using them, but other substances are more dangerous for the population at large because so many people use these substances, and they can have dangerous effects.

So, one example of that is nicotine. Smoking causes nearlyrelated deaths a year which is a pretty staggering mortality rate. Alcohol is also used by many people and it can result in health problems, it can result in overdose death, it can also cause people to be in hazardous situations, to get into car accidents as a result of impaired driving.

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So, at a population level, since it's much more used it is one of the worst substances. So, when you hear these facts you say, oh well, cigarettes and alcohol must be the worst drugs I can takeā€¦ but it really depends on the person for someone cigarettes may be, may very well be the worst drug they can take.

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But you take someone else and it can be alcohol, it can be methamphetamine, which is a stimulant. So, it definitely depends on the person, and again, depends on how you define worst.

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National Institutes of Health. What Is the Worst Drug? March 16,

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What Is the Worst Drug?