What does stack mean in slang

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During a major site change more than one aspect of a technology stack can change over a short period of time. He turned his attention to the stack of copies of PCN on the table and scanned through an issue from June Each rod or cone cell at the back of the eye has a stack of discs inside, The discs contain a pigment molecule.

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She suggested that Gregory stack newspapers on his desk to give the set an intimate, coffeehouse feel. Chicken satay and shrimp cocktail are also good options, as you can watch the skewers and tails stack up.

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Place the stack of phyllo dough sheets on a cutting board and cover it with a slightly damp towel. Jimbo and I sat next to each other, Indian style, and leaned against the stack of black Hefty bags and electronics.

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It shows the cascading hills and many buildings that seemingly stack atop them. As she left the wood she saw a big hay- stackas firm and shapely of outline as a house, not a loose wisp anywhere. Of course the more cold air admitted to pass through the fire, the more heat carried to the top of the stack. Here, being suddenly drenched by spray from one of the engines, Sam and Tommy made for the shelter of a chimney- stack. The Steward is visibly frightened and the stack of dishes rattles in his trembling hands. When I got bigger I helped den wid de thrashin' de wheat an' I helped dem push de straw to de stack.

In addition to the idioms beginning with stack.

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New Word List Word List. Save This Word! Often stacks. Also called air stack, stackup. Verb Phrases. The Dictionary added new words and definition to our vast collection, and we want to see how well-versed you are in the formally recognized new lingo. Take the quiz! Idioms about stack. Middle English stakken, derivative of the v.

Words nearby stack staccato markstaccato speechStaceystachysStaciastackstackablestackedstacked heelstackingstacking swivel. Words related to stack mountainpyramidheapbundlesheafloadstockpilepiledrifthillmassbankmoundhoardcockassemblagepackamassaccumulaterick. Ancestors Gertrude Atherton. The Garret and the Garden R. British a measure of coal or wood equal to cubic feet. See chimney stacksmokestack.

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Derived forms of stack stackableadjective stackernoun. An isolated, columnar mass or island of rock along a coastal cliff. Stacks are formed by the erosion of cliffs through wave action and are larger than chimneys. All rights reserved. In addition to the idioms beginning with stack stack the cards stack up.

What does stack mean in slang

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