What do other people think of me quiz

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By clicking " Up" you are agreeing to our privacy policy and confirming that you are 13 years old or over. What do other people think about you? Scroll To Start Quiz. Really well, almost too well sometimes. I think I get most people. Not that well. Not well at all. Tan and read a book. Try and catch a wave. Practice surfing or swimming.

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Toss a football around. Sadly, usually the people who are the most vain and cruel. People with the right attitude. People who work hard. What is success? I don't buy into that whole concept. I try not to be. I certainly don't think so. Only when I need to get things done. Not on purpose, I joke around a lot. Pretty messy. Oh, it is always pretty clean. Not messy at all. I don't have a desk. An art gallery. I can feel happy anywhere. A gym. A bar. Yes, quite often. No, I am pretty much an open book.

Only when I am thinking of something I am passionate about. No, I am way too scatter brained to do that. To smile and say hello. When I am in need of something. When I need to convince them to do something. When I am partying. Volunteer my time. Just keep thinking positively, and help out any way I can. I would protest and call my legislators. Nothing, life is too short. Science fiction.

Graphic novels. To help someone. To learn and grow. To succeed. For fun.

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A lot. Not often. Only when I don't achieve my goals. Of course, the stress of an argument is not worth it. No, the person will admit I am right sooner or later. No way. I need to win. Sure, who cares? I don't think like that. I like to think so. I don't know, I just do me. Very easy.

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Not very easy. I don't get upset, I get even. Almost impossible. Yes, I love animals. I have never had one, but I am sure I would be. Yes, I am really good at training them. No, I am too irresponsible. I wish I could help them. I hope things get better for them. They should get a job.

That I am lucky I am not them. Be there for them, in any way they needed me. Talk to them, and let them know things will get better. Tell them to get over it. Take them out partying. Hope that they like me and ask me out. Ask them out. Flirt with them constantly. Just do my thing and see if sparks fly eventually. Yes, I would not want to hurt someone.

I would like to think I wouldn't, but I don't know.

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No, honesty is more important. Sure, I hate conflict. Martin Luther King. Bob Marley. Hugh Hefner. Not being able to help people. I don't let things bother me. People that give up. People that take things too seriously. Bernie Sanders. Barack Obama.

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Donald Trump. Gary Johnson. I am always there for them. I am always have a smile on your face. I am an inspiration to them. I am fun to hang out with. A social worker. A criminal defense lawyer. An entrepreneour. A pro surfer. I would get really upset. I would not believe it was true. I would confront him. Who cares?

What do other people think of me quiz

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What Do Other People Think About You?