What can i say to a girl i like

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We all have crushes at one point in our lives because that is just how the natural order of things go. Imagine sitting across this girl during free time at school. So what do you say? Here are ten sweet things to say to a girl to make her smile and feel special:. Instead, go with a sentence that shows her inner value. Tell her that her mere presence is enough to light up an entire room, that without her, your day is nothing but gloomy skies and rain clouds.

Show her that the world is a better place with her in it and that your life is more complete with her in the picture. Let her know how much you admire her passions.

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It also helps if you let her talk about her interests and genuinely pay attention. Gone are times when girls stayed at home and kept their words to themselves. Women have learned to stand up for themselves and to fight for their rights. Instead of setting your mind back in ancient times, celebrate her independence and commend her for her fighting spirit. This is a classic how-to-make-a-girl-swoon line that you should always have up your sleeve.

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Girls like a guy who can make them laugh and they love it even more when you tell them how much you love their laughter. Make her melt inside by casually saying this line after making her cry tears of laughter from your best jokes. Girls can be known to be a little bit on the talkative side, so they always love a guy who knows who listens to them talk even almost all day. A guy who actually remembers the tiny details they share in their stories.

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When you tell her that you remember that detail you said, it makes her feel that you really do care about her and the things she does. Even though girls love being strong and independent, there are still times when they appreciate accepting a bit of help. You should never forget to remind her that you have her back in anything that she decides to do. Lending her a hand will never go unnoticed and unacknowledged. You may love your girl for a lot of reasons: she volunteers at a local pet shelter, she aids children in need, or she spends her free time helping the homeless or saving the environment.

Appreciate her compassionate spirit and let it even grow and thrive with a ton of sprinkles of support from you. Engage in the conversation and show deep interest in the subjects she likes talking about that. Lastly, put her on top of the world by telling her that the things she does are truly making a difference. You finally muster up the courage to pick one of the ten lines mentioned above. What does she say, or more importantly, how does she react? This is your opportunity now to seize the moment and sweep her off her feet!

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Take her hand and dive into a wondrous world full of deep conversations and wondrous delights. You only get to live one life and you only get to truly love one girl.

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Thats sad man happened to me once but i found someone and i still dating her i think she is the one. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Here are ten sweet things to say to a girl to make her smile and feel special: Contents show. Your presence lights up the whole room. I admire your strong personality. Your laughter is the best sound I know. I love listening to you talk. I remember you telling me that. Online courses recommended for you:.

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What can i say to a girl i like

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Sweet Things To Say To A Girl Via Text Or In Person