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And he came and preached peace to you who were far off and peace to those who were near; for through him we both have access in one Spirit to the Father. Ephesians 2: RSV. Through this peace, we have access to the Heavenly Father. This devotion looks at how Jesus brought peace to give us access to the Trinity.

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As we slide toward the end of Ephesians 2, Paul started to tie up some of his themes. Then he slipped in the Trinity. That really can be a head-scratcher for some. Oh, man. Since I started at verse 17, I have a dangling pronoun. We have to go back a couple of verses to hook it up. Paul started the peace theme in verse We talked about Jesus bringing peace to unite those who were divided. In His day, it was the Jews and the Gentiles. These two verses show us how He brings us that peace.

God the Son is the One Who is giving the message!

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His whole message is peace. He not only preached it, but He also lived it. You know, those people that are already searching for God. I see that. We want to be there to help shepherd them to God and answer any questions they might have. But what about those who are not searching? Ooo, baby. They are going to take more work! It will take building a relationship. Wherever they are at in their journey in We have access to god for God, we need to build a relationship with them. Wherever they are at, they will probably have questions. We need to answer them. You and me. Yep, Pastor Chad is a good guy.

He will give us moral support. He will be there to answer our questions. We will first have to show the need for the search. Then we will have to show the benefits of being of God. Remember where Paul said his readers had been. Jesus came to be our Redeemer. Redemption allows us to receive forgiveness for our sins. We accept the pardon by letting go of the guilt and remorse that we feel because we have done something wrong. It is a conscious decision to accept His forgiveness. Jesus substituted Himself — became the propitiation — for us to make peace between God and man.

As we discussed in the last devotion, Jesus makes pace between mankind. I know. They work together for our salvation. What just popped into my head was a journey. We got there by the ro we took. That is the Son. We got there in our trusty car. That is the Spirit. It was all one trip, but it has different aspects. You take out the place we are going, there would be no reason to go. We gain salvation by the Holy Spirit taking us to the Father using the Son as the way.

Think about it a second. Our relationship with God was so broken. We got kicked out of the Garden.

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No more nightly walks. No more face-to-face encounters. That manifested itself in several different ways. We see broken lives. We see broken relationships. We see mankind kicking back at the Creator. So, God chose a part of Himself to come to earth to live, die, and rise again to fix all the broken things. The separation is over. We have access to God by His Word. The Spirit comes into play when we pray to God. We gain access to Sovereign God by the reconciliation He devised.

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We access the peace provided by our Lord and Savior. We do this through following the promptings of our Guide. God set the price and paid it. We were worth that much to Him. Think about the Ephesians and the idols they worshipped. The pull of idols is no less strong today. Yes, it may not be the Goddess Diana. It is money and self. I saw a video of Candace Owens giving a talk somewhere.

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Jesus preached to everyone. At that time, the world was divided into two — the Jews and everyone else. The King of kings wanted everyone to hear. He loves us all that much. If you have not become a believer in Christ, please read through the Plan of We have access to god and prayerfully consider what God is asking you to do.

When we feel that happening, we need to up our communication time with God. Put the Holy Spirit to work. We have to claim what Jesus did for us is binding. We have to take advantage of the access that we have to the Sovereign God. We have to accept the peace. Dear God. There our so many times on this journey here on earth that Satan tries to steal our peace. Help us to withstand.

Leave me a comment below about this or anything else or head over to my Facebook group for some interactive discussion. If you have not ed up for the daily or weekly providing the link to the devotions and the newsletter, do so below. Pingback: What Are the Fruits of Righteousness? Jesus preached and lived His message of peace.

God chose a part of Himself to come to earth to live, die, and rise again to fix all the broken things. Let's Put It into Context. What Does "in Christ" Mean? How Can We Find Peace? Jesus, the Preacher Man. Yeah, so??? You know Who else will be here? It is going to be Him doing the talking through our mouths. Message of Peace. Bible Verse. To read What Does Sanctification Mean? What Does Sanctification Mean? Access to the Spirit. We had a destination where we were heading — the greater Toronto area.

That is the Father. Making the Connections. How Do We Apply This? We have to choose God. Plan of Salvation.

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We have to reach out and grab peace. We have to hang on to it. Is Satan going to try to steal our peace? Oh, big time! What do you think? Contact Elaine. If God has used this devotion to speak with you, consider sharing it on social media.

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Because of the Oath we have Direct Access to God (Hebrews )