Vhs shoulder system

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The VHS 3. Fully modular, optional accessories and components for the VHS 3. Made for semi-automatic pistols, with double-action revolver fits forthcoming, the VHS 3. For anti-ricochet and anti-splatter, the UL tested Troy System of Troy Boards and Troy Wool is the highest rated noise reduction solution, the company says. The EoTech-style speed ring reticle is deed for fast target engagement at low power, while delivering the resolution and accuracy you need for longer range targets.

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With low cost. HIVIZ combined the brightest in fiber-optic capabilities with the light-emitting benefit of tritium into one sight set, producing hour illumination. Now you can shop vehicle-specific storage solutions, add options, and view your next CopBox in 3D entirely online.

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CTech's new CopBox Cabinet Selector represents an innovative new way to shop for trunk storage solutions. Aero always delivers extremely high-quality, American-manufactured rifles that your department can count on. The SpeedySafe personal vault ensures owners have quick access to their firearms for home defense, while also promoting gun safety and accident prevention. The lightweight KS7 shotgun is deed for quick and easy handling in confined spaces.

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Vhs shoulder system

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Galco VHS Shoulder System