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We all need a little cheering up once in a while. Find a leaf?

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A post shared by Mavy? The Newfie little. In all seriousness though, these little balls of fluff and love are the best way to cheer yourself up. Also, puppy kisses are the best feeling on this planet. Happy Wednesday theflowerofpositivity clammind meditate happy. Meditation is a proven remedy for a lot of things. Sit down for five minutes and do some breathing exercises. It actually can act as an outlet and bring you in a calmer, more happier mood. Let's get busy!!! Pick your favourite genre and start.

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The movies act as a good distraction and can take your mind off things that are bothering you. Slide to see the real us? The perfect song for today. Music is often considered an amazing outlet for emotions. Never underestimate how much happiness the right song can give you. Pretty sure we all have that playlist which is specially reserved for our more crankier moods.

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Get up close and personal with a delicious poke bowl from thelowkeypoket??? It could be cake, chocolates, junk food, or even a salad. Whatever your favourite food is, eat it. Remember, a happy stomach makes for a happy mind. While it may not be proven, the colours we wear could possibly have an effect on our mood. Nothing is better than taking a nice and long hot bath, after a crazy day. The hot water helps relax your body and can literally help you wash away the stress.

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Checking out the malls. Shopping anyone? A post shared by Yo! It just does! It could possibly be the fact that it gives you a sense of achievement, or maybe you got a really good deal.

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Free like a [ protected]. A post shared by maxistories maxistories on Feb 23, at am PST. You never really need a reason to dance. Just jump up and do the lamest dance you can possibly imagine yourself doing. Besides, it totally works in Bollywood movies, right? Related Stories. Features Videos. Bollywood Television Hollywood Videos. Better Living. Malini's World. Play With A Puppy. Trending Today! Related Stories Related Stories. More Better Living. Trending Today. Load more from.


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Turn That Frown Upside Down: The Psychology of Smiling