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Did you know Thomas Edison actually invented the first phonograph in ? Also known as a gramophone record, LP record or most commonly known as a vinyl record. This analog format has a long history and even though they are still manufactured on a small scale, they left the mainstream around If you have any sort of record you want to convert to CD, the most popular ones our audio technicians capture on a day-to-day basis are the 78s, 45s and 33s.

When we convert vinyl records to CD, you also receive a digital file done by an experienced audio technician and captured directly to the computer before undergoing our extensive quality control process then burned to CD. Most vinyl records will fit onto one CD and you can also share the downloadable mp3 files. Your oldest vinyl LP records are your 78s. They were developed first and followed by the 33s and the 45s. These s refer to their rotational speed, or RPM, not their size.

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Many people have large record collections because vinyl was popular in the music market through the s and vinyl record players are still available for purchase. Similar to the way people collect CDs and DVDs, vinyl records still have a niche among serious collectors but you will also find that the majority of them have already been transferred to digital and are available for purchase on any major music retailer site or store.

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If you want to convert audio tapes to CD, visit this. If you want to transfer reel-to-reel audio to CD, visit this. If you have a vinyl LP record, it can play for 20 — 25 minutes for each side with a maximum of 45 minutes. There are a couple of exceptions to this that can go up to 52 minutes and these were usually Broadway or classical LPs. The 78s were meant for singles and run 3 — 4 minutes on each side, and the 45s run about the same because they usually have one song on each side.

Usually by the size or the speed written on the label. For example, your 78 records are made out of shellac, not vinyl. Any wear and tear on this particular format are going to cause more distortion in your digital copy. I immediately reached out via to Jody, a member of the staff, who was both incredibly informative and timely with her responses. After giving me a rough idea of cost and what services were available, I made my way into the store to sit down and go over the details face to face on a side note, it is incredibly comforting to have a place where can actually walk into and physically sit down with someone.

I sat with Sydney who once again went over the services they offered and what the approximate cost would be. Framingham, MA. Everything you need to know about your Vinyl Record to CD project. Common vinyl record conversion questions.

What Our Clients Say. Visit one of our Northeast locations to transfer vinyl:. Transfer record to cd Portland.

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You can also ship directly to us! In-home Consultations.

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Consulations from the privacy of your own home Perfect for large or complex projects with multiple formats Our certified consultants travel across the Northeast. Mail Ins. Free, no obligations estimate Speak with our certified consultants over the phone Ship to our headquarters in Newton, MA.

CD or digital only Label transcription Download to media players Digital mp3 format. Slide Scanning Standard 35mm slides Stereo slidesglass plate, and more. Film Transfer 8mm, with or without sound 16mm, with or without sound Super8and more. Audio Conversion Vinyl records Audio cassettes Reel-to-reel audio. Expert Video Editing Edited highlight videos Family documentaries Turn hours of raw footage into something shareable. Get an estimate on your vinyl record to CD project!

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GUIDE: How to Convert LP Vinyl Records to CD or MP3