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Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

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There are two options for hardwired connections: Ethernet and MoCA. Ethernet is self-explanatory - just attach a CAT5 or better cable from the TiVo to your router, and make sure your Mini is on the same ethernet network. MoCA is a network al that travels through coax. If you cannot run an Ethernet cable to your main TiVo, but you have cable or off-air coax and Ethernet in the same location typically, near your routerthen you can use a TiVo MoCA Bridge see below to combine Internet and coax to your TiVo.

Then, your main TiVo will be set to be a "MoCA Bridge" you'll see that option in the network settingsso that your coax around the house will carry both Internet and cable or off-air. Ports exist for both on the back of the Mini click the picture above for a larger view. While many people think of the coax cable as only carrying cable TV, that same coax cable can also carry networking information in a different part of the bandwidth.

The only time you wouldn't use coax in most installations is where there is no coax run to the room that will house the TiVo Mini. Since the TiVo must be hardwired to the network and a coax cable is already at the TiVo, the solution is to put the network into that coax cable, and that's what a MoCA Bridge does. It's located at a place in your house that has both ethernet and coax - usually right at your broadband router.

Then, it has a port for each, and allows for units on one network to seamlessly see everything on the other network, including the internet. Multiple Mini Configurations - With six-tuner Roamios, Bolts, and Edges, you can connect up to five Minis to use at once; with a four-tuner Premiere, Tivo mini hook up, Bolt, or Edge, you can connect up to three.

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In addition, there is a limit of twenty TiVo serial s perand a TiVo Roamio Plus and Pro each count as two because the built-in Stream has its own dedicated TiVo serial. The newer Lux Mini has the Lux backlit remote. Requires TiVo with TiVo service and four or more tuners.

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Wired connection to TiVo strongly recommended. Wired connection to Mini or Mini WiFi adapter required. Includes day TiVo warranty.

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Optional three-year WeaKnees warranty terms. Includes setup guide, power supply, ethernet cable and coax cable.

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This Bonded MoCA 2. The result is a blazing fast wired backbone that enhances the connected home experience and supplements an existing Wi-Fi network with high-speed wired connection points. Not sure if you need one? See this. TiVo is a registered trade- mark of TiVo Inc.

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Click to enlarge. Add Three-Year Extended Warranty?

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New TiVo Mini setup