The astro lounge rock springs wy

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Palmer was surrounded by a bevy of strippers at the Astro Lounge, all of them eager to take advantage of his generosity.

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Most of their customers are men who work in natural gas exploration and production and who have few other ways or places to spend money on their rare days off. The gas industry has almost single-handedly set Wyoming in stark contrast to the rest of the nation, where industries have fallen on hard times, homes are in foreclosures and many Americans have lost their jobs.

While other states are laying off workers and cutting programs, Wyoming has enjoyed billions of dollars in surpluses in recent years.

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There is a sort of relaxed composure here that other towns in America are not enjoying as the race for president enters its final chapter. Many voters here seem to agree: whoever wins is not likely to stand in the way of Wyoming and its natural gas fortunes.

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Aaron works in the court system and is a part-time minister. There is not very much to do in this town but work, and that is enough for most people.

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Felmlee, a foreman for an oil fields service company, moved here from Montana, where the wages are not as high. Felmlee said he believed Senator John McCain, the Republican presidential nominee, was the candidate who most supported his industry. Not many people would take a strong opposition to him.

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Some other oil workers said they supported Mr.

The astro lounge rock springs wy

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Astro Lounge