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What it costs to hook up with girls for fun while vacationing in Pattaya for the famous Pattaya girls, sex, and nightlife scene depends on certain variable factors.

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It depends how sexy girls are, the kind of sex, whether girls are bar girls or freelance girls, Thai girls or foreign girls, whether they are actually real girls and not ladyboys, and much more. Fun with girls in Pattaya mainly means Picking up Thai bar girls for casual sex or for a no-strings-attached girlfriend experience.

In Pattaya, bar girls have a reputation for being fun-loving and friendly. They can be any kind of girl a guy is willing to pay for, from a momentary pickup or one-night-stand to a no-strings-attached girlfriend experience and holiday girlfriend. At some nightlife venues in Pattaya, girls must reach a monthly quota of lady drink sales. The problem with lady drinks in Pattaya? Girls, not all, but some girls readily accept them even if they have no intention of leaving with a customer.

At some bars in Pattaya, girls can be pushy when it comes to lady drinks, often asking for drinks before they have properly introduced themselves and drinking like a proverbial fish to boost their commission. Before a customer can take a Thai bar girl or hostess from a bar, they must pay a bar fine.

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The bar fine is compensation for the temporary absence of bar staff. During that time, whatever happens between a bar girl and a customer is their own business. Long time is typically overnight. For example, a guy picks up a girl from a bar during a night out, she stays with him overnight and leaves in the morning, or at whatever time she and he agreed. There are long-time and short-time prices for girls. Many bars also have different long-time and short-time bar fine prices. She is also a matriarchal figure who sometimes liaises between customers and girls. What happens at many girlie bars, especially gogo bars in Pattaya, girls come along and introduce themselves, or the Mamasan might ask if you would like a lady to keep you company.

Pattaya bar girls tend to open the conversation with some basic questions. Such as where are you from, where are you staying, is it your first time in Thailand.

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At most bars in Pattaya, girls love to play bar games see photo above or pool; it helps to keep the interaction going and keeps customers in the bar—spending money. Some Pattaya bar girls are very forward. Once you have both agreed on a fee, pay your bar bill along with the bar fine, and leave.

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When it comes to paying bar girls, pay before they leave, and think of it as paying the girls to leave this chapter in your life. Some bar girls will ask for money upfront. They may offer a reason to hand over the money, and soon after, invent a reason to leave or develop a sudden headache. Other than at agogo bars, girls ask for a minimum of baht for long-time. Bar fines can range from as little as to baht at beer bar complexes. At some of the most popular bars—including numerous short-time bars on Soi 6, the bar fine for long-time is —1, baht.

At agogo bars in Pattaya, girls cost — baht for a long time. Bar-fine prices can vary from less than to well over baht for long-time at agogo bars, but many do reduce the prices late at night.

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Other than at Agogo bars, short-time bar fines cost on average to baht in Pattaya; girls will usually ask for a minimum of baht and up to 1, baht. At agogo bars that offer short-time in Pattaya, girls can cost anything from 1, to baht, and the bar fine prices range from to 1, baht. Prices for lady drinks are between 80 and baht at beer bars and to baht at gogo bars. Prices for bar girls and freelancers at discos and nightclubs are negotiable, and there are no bar fines to pay, so popular places to pick up girls on the cheap.

What are freelance girls in Pattaya? Freelance girls, unlike Thai bar girls, are not employed by bars or other establishments related to sexual entertainment. However, they do work the nightclubs and discos in search of customers. Pattaya freelance girl prices should be comparable to Thailand beach girl pattaya price of Pattaya bar girls, minus the bar fine and lady drinks.

Some guys hire bar girls or freelance girls for a girlfriend experience holiday girlfriend for days, even weeks at a time, in preference to bar hopping and picking up different girls every night. In Pattaya, girls are sometimes are not the kind of girl you hoped for.

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Meaning, in Pattaya, girls are not always girls; they sometimes happen to be ladyboys kathoeys. Nothing wrong with that, but it can be a little embarrassing if ladyboys are not your thing. There are bars in Pattaya which employ only ladyboys, some that use both girls and ladyboys, and freelance ladyboys like to hang out in discos and nightclubs on Walking Street.

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They can earn over baht per day, so they can afford to be choosy, knowing that a more generous offer will come along soon enough. A of Russian and East European girls work freelance in discos and nightclubs and as dancers at Russian clubs on Walking Street. But be warned that Russian clubs and gogo bars have earned a reputation for being clip-ts in the past. Russian girls in Pattaya cost —10, baht.

Bar girls on Soi 6, Pattaya. Playing bar games at a beer bar on Walking Street. Load Comments.

Thailand beach girl pattaya

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