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The two women we mistook for guests were part of this gang. Two performers had ed in, too. We were trapped. Inside a dingy room at Patpong, the famous adult-entertainment neighbourhood of Bangkok, I was waiting for this nightmare to get over. I surely had not penciled in my vacation calendar, a midnight appointment with half-a-dozen angry Thai matrons who, I knew for sure, were capable of breaking each bone in my body. And far too many tourists have been killed in Thailand in recent years for any naivete to survive.

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During my visits to the country, the thought of visiting a red light district always elicited a psychosomatic response: retching and mild fever. Other estimates peg the much higher. That night, however, I was resolute. I had spent the last four days walking the streets of Bangkok, making small talk with bar girls and beauty salon owners.

I was armed with knowledge to take the plunge. My reluctant partner-in-crime, who visited Patpong in the late 90s, failed to dissuade me. He has poor negotiating skills anyway. Many a taxi and tuktuk driver in Thailand has made a fortune out of his generosity. We took a stroll across the night market before choosing a go-go bar. A managerial-looking read fully Thai sex tours matron greeted us with a big smile. The usher then showed us our table and gave us the drinks menu. I ordered a beer and my teetotaller companion called for a Diet Coke.

I ed our slip for Baht. In front of us was what I can safely label Thai sex tours parody of burlesque. Most of the girls—extremely thin and displaying different degrees of nakedness—looked bored. Ignoring the two of us, she sat on the lap of the young white guy we shared our communal table with. By this time, I had managed to banish the spoilsport thoughts of my daughter and other young girls back home. I was now focused on the countless stretch marks that criss-cross my body.

The star girl next to me had flawless skin. Jealousy was vying with loud music to reach crescendo first. Scenes of solicitation, lap dances, drunken men, and no woman guests except me. And surely, there were only a handful of white tourists at the bar.

A little later, when a batch of three white men entered the bar, the star girl was alled with the help of a green laser pointer to their table. Either she misunderstood or she knew better than her guide—the girl chose the single Chinese man seated next to the white batch.

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Two days back, I was told by a bar worker that many sex workers save money and go back to their families when they are past their prime. Or, they get other jobs at bars they once charmed. The managerial matrons at this bar were perhaps burning the dance floor once. Their body language, however, was markedly different from the young girls.

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Later in the night, this very body language would turn into my nightmare. The night, a chatty cab driver nicknamed Lek, had Thai sex tours me how the Thai couples are not producing enough children, which is creating a labour crisis of sorts in the country. The Thai birth rate is 1. No wonder, then, that the organised crime groups have smuggled around a million women into Thailand for sex trade from China, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam: the same countries that provide manpower to meet the Thai labour demands.

We demanded to pay our bill and decided to leave. Before the bill came, a smiling matron started to make small talk and asked about my lipstick shade. We paid the bill Baht and got out. The same woman yelled a cheerful namaste to bid us adieu. So far, so good. He acquiesced, obviously. Our chosen guy, like the rest, told us that beer was for Baht and there were no cover charges. Our night was proceeding admirably frugally and we were not straying off the main street, so it seemed safe too.

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We entered this dark bar on the first floor and ordered our usual beer-Coke duo. The show was in progress and, apart from ours, just one more table was occupied. Two middle-aged Thai women with a sullen expression. My expressions changed with each trick performed, and at the end of the show, the two of us were impressed enough—and moved by pity—to decide on a large tip for all the performers. They perhaps had no choice. For one pint of local beer and one can of Diet Coke, we were expected to pay around 10, Baht.

We were told Baht for beer, surely there is a mix-up. The two women we initially mistook for guests were part of this gang. We had been conned and the thought outraged me. You no pay? This is not India, this is Thailand.

I decided to call Thai sex tours police and told the bullies so. Customer not paying. Yes, India. Yeah, like I was born yesterday. I used the trump card. You call the police and I call the embassy. The threat of police and embassy t action was working.

I shook my head. The bullies were being bullied now.

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As a whiskey lover, I was more outraged by that pale piss-like liquid being passed off as Macallan 18 years. We finally paid Baht for our drinks—much lesser than what we had decided to leave as a tip for the performers—and left but only after I had patted the cheek of the biggest bully.

But sometimes, fear is not an option. At The Quint, we are answerable only to our audience. Play an active role in shaping our journalism by becoming a membe r. Because the truth is worth it. Nishtha Gautam. NEON 7 min read. Author with the Thai masseuse that kneaded the fatigue out of her body in less than an hour.

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What Led to That Night in Bangkok. The sight of scantily clad underage girls, mostly from the economically backward northern villages of Thailand, has sent my monkey brain racing to my daughter and nieces. Almost one-thirds of the total sex workers in Thailand are yet to turn The Chinese have certainly taken over the world. When the star girl was up again to grace the pole-dancing area, I noticed a small tear in her fishnet stocking.

From Burlesque to Grotesque. We called for the bill and it arrived with not one but three employees. The Moment of Reckoning. Curiously, they were not saying a word to my partner. He was ready to pay, anyway. The Grand Finale. Author celebrating the Songkran festival on the streets of Bangkok by training her water gun on fellow revellers. Empower independent journalism. Select Amount: Loading Comments

Thai sex tours

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