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This is one of the many pros of moving to Tampa. Florida is packed with vacation-worthy cities that can make deciding where to live and possibly retire a difficult choice. However, there are so many reasons to consider moving to Tampa, starting with — the weather.

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Temps rarely rise above F in the summer and usually dip no lower than 30F in the winter. History and charm set the tone in Tampa, welcoming many Florida transplants. This mid-sized city is a good place to live if you are looking for a Florida destination with character and a respectable mix of blue- and white-collar careers. What else do you need to know about Tampa before choosing to live here? Read on for some points to ponder. Jump to our Tampa single life to Tampa checklist. Other ading cities, towns and suburbs nestled along Tampa Bay expand this greater metro to over 4 million inhabitants.

So many options can make finding a place to live a little daunting. The best neighborhoods in Tampa are the ones that are filled with hidden gems and character. If you look in the right spots, you might be surprised to find thriving local businesses and restaurants galore. Where Tampa single life live in Tampa will depend entirely on the quality of life you desire. Here are some of the best places to start your search. The best suburbs of Tampa offer space to spread out and have a decent commute. Average individual earnings are slightly higher than national averages, although average household earnings are slightly less.

The fact of the matter is, many families relocate to Tampa for irresistible jobs, even if that means making less than they might make in cities like Austin, Texas. Just look at the downtown skyline of Tampa.

The skyscrapers exude a sense that this city means business. One bonus to finding a job in Tampa is the cultural diversity available. With such a large Spanish-speaking population, there are a lot more bilingual job opportunities than you might find elsewhere. The cost of living in Tampa is reasonable when you consider what you get for the money. For those of us who desire living close to the beach, buying a home in Tampa can make that dream a reality without needing a six-figure income. Worried about sending your kids to school in Tampa? College-age students have dozens of worthwhile options in Tampa, including the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa.

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For younger students, Tampa is serviced by the Hillsborough County School Districtwhich is the 8th largest in the country. Such an expansive network means your students will have access to tons of resources and extracurricular activities. One of the most popular high schools in the area is Tampa Prepa school for children grades that focuses on college preparedness.

Rush hour generally starts around 4 p. If spending more than 20 minutes on your commute to work seems intolerable, Tampa might not be the right city for you. The more populated Tampa becomes, the more residents complain about the traffic. Tampa can be a challenge for commuters, especially those who work on different sides of the bridge that separates Tampa from Tampa single life.

People who live in Tampa and travel to St. Pete for work commute on the Howard Frankland Bridge, which can take over an hour during busy times, for what should be a minute ride. One thing the city is missing? A rail system to improve the daily commute in and out of the city.

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If you travel a lot, getting to and from Tampa single life destinations is a breeze. With renovations completed inthe airport is a destination in itself. TPA is bursting at the seams with 69 restaurants, shops, and spas within its walls. The top restaurants in Tampa offer culinary diversity you should expect from such a melting pot.

In Tampa, Fla. Sure, you might need a jacket in degree weather because 60 feels cold in Florida. But Floridians take advantage of their nicest days with various festivals and celebrations. This event is a Mardis Gras of sorts for the Tampa Bay area. Tampa is also a very family-friendly destination. Busch Gardens is right around the corner, providing thrills for the whole family. The Tampa Bay History Center is another great option for children and families looking to learn more about the area. If you prefer saving some cash and desire a more leisurely way to spend your time outside, visit one of the over parks in the Tampa area.

One of the best pros about living in Tampa could be its proximity to clear, clean beaches. Whether in Tampa or a neighboring city, a quality beach will usually be just under an hour away. Pick one that has amenities suited to your family or visit them all!

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Tampa has more professional sports teams to cheer on, with a large fan base to boot. One of the best things you can do for yourself while living in Tampa is staying as active as your favorite sports players. If you are interested in music and art, Tampa is thriving with creatives in every corner. Here are some things to remember before you relocate. The first step to making a successful move is to pick a competent mover. While doing your research, make sure your mover has an AMSA membership.

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AMSA trains and certifies all of its member companies under strict ethical, legal and safety standards. Moving to a new city is an excellent opportunity to renegotiate all your monthly contracts. Tampa runs on Tampa Electric, while anywhere in surrounding areas like St. Petersburg typically run on Duke Energy. Next, figure out who the best internet providers are in the area. If not, up with a new company and take advantage of one of their specials.

The most popular ones in the area are Spectrum and Verizon. Now might be a good time to switch car insurance providers if it will save you money. Once you select a new doctor and school system, make sure everything is to be transferred.

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You may need to visit your current office to a release form. If your belongings arrive before you have access to your home, consider temporary self storage in Tampa. You might want to store your cold-weather clothes or ski gear for fall and winter trips up north, too.

There are a variety of things to do before you move. This moving checklist for your home will get both your old and new residence ready for the transition. While Tampa Bay has avoided a direct hit from every major hurricane sinceevery Florida resident needs Tampa single life have an emergency plan for evacuation if necessary. Moving to Tampa has pros and cons, but for many residents, the good far outweighs the bad. What do you think about living in Tampa? Follow us on Facebook and share your experiences! Update: This post was originally published on September 29,and was revised on December 21,with new information from Tampa expert, Ashley Spencer.

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Tampa single life

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