Taj gibson dating michelle williams

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Michele Williams of Destiny's Child? Thread starter incogneato Start date Jul 5, Tags destinys. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. ed Jan 10, MessagesReactions 1,, Alleybux 1, Funny how Kelly is always talking about Beyonce, but you don't hear Michele talking about Bey or Kelly. Also you don't see Kelly talking about Michele or vice versa. Where's michele? Wasn't she on broadway or something? Any info?

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ed Jun 6, Messages 5, Reactions 22, 4 Alleybux 23, Lady Spencer. ed Jan 17, Messages 26, Reactions 57, 1, Alleybux 2, Ive been wondering the same thing I miss my spiritual gurl. ed Dec 26, Messages 31, Reactions34 35 Alleybux 34, ed Feb 27, Messages 48, Reactions5, Alleybux 17, Michelle took her money and left.

ed Dec 21, Messages 42, Reactions3, 1, AlleybuxShe's still around. She was just at the BET Awards. ed Jul 14, Messages 6, Reactions 15, 19 9 Alleybux 93, ed Oct 10, Messages 3, Reactions 17, 2 6 Alleybux 60, ed Jun 15, Messages 4, Reactions 17, 2, Alleybux 29, Unless you don't read or keep up with her, Michelle is always talking about Kelly and not so much Beyonce. She tweets about her and Kells went on vacay or they see each other a lot. They are real tight. So I don't know what the OP is trying to insinuate.

ed Aug 25, Messages 3, Reactions 7, 1 1 Alleybux 22, Minority Report. ed Jun 10, Messages 2, Reactions 12, 37 AlleybuxMatthew would have fined they ass if they stopped to help Michelle up. ed May 18, Messages Reactions Alleybux 81, Obviously you are not on Twitter incog because both Kelly and Michele talk to each other on Twitter and believe they hung out together in Miami recently with Angie.

Pookie Cuzzin. ed May 18, Messages 6, Reactions 30, 56 Alleybux 8, Can Kelly be a "friend" and tell Michelle to get her weight up? Pookie Cuzzin said:. Click to expand She's living her life on her terms and loving it. ed May 1, Messages 7, Reactions 8, 9 5 Alleybux 3, Well damn. Ana Sya. ed Jun 13, Messages 1, Reactions 1, 48 85 AlleybuxA couple of months ago, mto said that she's dating Taj Gibson who plays for the Chicago Bulls.

I would have never guessed. Cal Bear. ed Nov 25, Messages 12, Reactions 61, 1, 1, AlleybuxI thought this was the other way around though. See, when she said get her weight up, I thought she meant money wise, you know like get your weight up? ed Oct 1, Messages 4, Reactions 28, 88 Alleybux 15, She looked anorexic at the BET awards I don't think her and B were ever that close. She was just the awkward third wheel in that group. I'm glad she went ahead and carved out 2 careers of her own though. She did well with her gospel albums and did great on broadway. Smart girl ed Dec 15, Messages 8, Reactions 11, 4 3 Alleybux 10, Nah she ain't dating Taj.

No way he would forget to tell me something like that. I like her too. Anyway this is all BS, they Taj gibson dating michelle williams just sitting together at the game. It happened to me once, I was seating next to Kerry Rhodes at a game and next think you know we were dating. And also since Taj gibson dating michelle williams is MTO credible? This isnt true. Beyonce and Michelle were close friends in DC. Beyonce adored her. Still does. Yes she is dating Taj,been for a long while now.

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People want these women to hate each other and its just not gonna happen. I didn't think so Taj. ed May 17, Messages 1, Reactions 3, 8 2 Alleybux ,

Taj gibson dating michelle williams

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