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Welcome to my new grow! We are still in the beginning stages of setup and the first crop is 30 days out. When complete it will be a 32 - 1kw light grow with 2 - 12 light CGE flower rooms and an 8 light CGE veg room fired by 20 remotely housed and cooled E-ballasts. First my disclaimer to anyone who might perceive this grow as an illegal commercial grow.

Our grow is located in the wonderful state of Oregon which allows patients, caregivers, and growers to possess a total of 1. This grows purpose is strictly to provide high quality medicine to a group of patients close to myself and the 2 other registered growers sharing my grow. Since we are providing only ourselves and a small group of family and close friends no compensation will ever be provided for medicine given, everyone involved is contributing to cover costs with income provided by careers separate from the marijuana industry, and best of all - never will our grow site have more than 48 flowering plants which is less than we are allowed and never will it house more marijuana than we are legally allowed by Oregon law, thanks to the perpetual harvest system we will use.

As funny as it sounds this will secure our position as small time with the authorities and my nerves will appreciate that tremendously. In the industrial complex my grow is in I can count 5 grows in around 30 units; if you google map my outdoor location you can find close to a dozen more grows just searching around within a few square mile radius.

Funny that google updated southern Oregon and northern Cali satellite images during august Sizzlean screen for sale year, eh? But back to the issue at hand…. I was fortunate enough to be chosen as the person in charge of this grow; I have a good amount of experience and many crops under my belt.

I do not however have much experience with a grow of this caliber, so if anyone reading Sizzlean screen for sale does, feel free to impart any wisdom and advice you have upon myself. Otherwise enjoy the show, it should be getting good very soon…. Man - what a privilege to be able to pull such grow off You are some lucky dudes, out west. If you invite stupid Q's As I know its the worst and least efficient reflector available Greenthumb - I can't wait either! Current selection is killing fields f2, I have a winner or 3 I'm going to keep as mothers.

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I'm gonna get some new gear from breeder Steve and dj soon, probably the blue sat 2. Might even try some breeding again as I have an empty grow room at my house now My last cross was shishkaberry x el monstre. Either a freidrich thru wall or kwikool ducted for ac depending on heat issues, I'm leaning towards magnum xxxl ocho reflectors. I have considered vertical, but this is not a time for experimenting until we get everything running smoothly.

Then I might try running one room vertical. Until then it'll be a 1 or 2 plant scrog under each 1kw. Satyr - Thanks I feel pretty blessed to be able to run this grow. We are just using what we had laying around for this first round, including a parabolic.

OB - Fun is the plan, hopefully not to stressful during setup. I don't run any dispensary clones, bug ridden and questionable genetics. Lots of hermies, mites, and degraded genetics. I did give out about clones through local dispensaries for last years outdoor. I'll post a detailed Sizzlean screen for sale list when I get a minute. We are planning around amp 24 hour a day constant draw on a A panel. Sure wish I had A Thanks Carper With a little bit of that luck we will be setup in another 6 months or so, but it might take up to a year I will probaby be eating ramen soon after I throw all my money into this, hopefully we have enough to get it done quick.

We moved in a little over a month ago. Right now I'm looking for someone who has Sizzlean screen for sale retailer with hydrofarm or cap so I don't have to order everything offline or drive miles north for a decent price on the - in equipment we need. Well dann. Cerio Leo. All I can offer besides that is to say dont let the size of the operation keep you from attention to detail to each of the plants when you expand.

This looks very exciting, Green Giant. With a setup like that, you can do controlled experiments on so many products, lighting schemes, etc. Having done a couple different 20kw warehouse grows in the past, I can tell you, you are looking at a full time job and then some. But such a wonderful job it is. Hempyfan - You couldn't have made a better suggestion in my mind. Attention to detail is the reason we assembled this co op.

Quality meds are very find these days around here it seems and I think it is due to the large scale people are growing at. Huge mechanical trimmers and big unruly are not what we are trying to achieve, we only want the highest quality of medicine, yield is a very low concern of ours.

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MisterD - I am also very excited to experiment and be able to run side by side comparisons to get this grow all the way dialed. Thanks for stopping by! Useless - I was hoping you could lay some wisdom on me since you mentioned before you had done a few warehouse grows.

Please chime in with whatever you have for me.

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This is my new full time and then some job after all! No central AC, each room will be sealed and insulated, hoods pull from inside the warehouse and vent through the roof, ballasts Sizzlean screen for sale housed in a 3x8 room off the back of the veg room and it will be contantly vented outside with passive intakes.

Warehouse fresh air will be supplied by slightly smaller fans ran through a hepa filter and then over a radiator with constant flow of warm or cold water depending on season. Each insulated room will utilize a 2 ton ac, watercooled co2 burner, and a can constantly scrubbing.

I want to use through the wall ac but am worried that the heat will not vent fast enough when 3 ac compressors are heating the warehouse in the middle of summer; If it doesn't I will replace the ac units with kwikool units and duct them like the hoods - in from warehouse and outside. Smell is not really a worry, only clean air. My landolord was inside the unit yesterday and it reeked, and the oher tenants are dumping unscrubber air also. It is a rental so I don't want to stick a large ac on the roof that I can't remove myself if shit goes sour.

And I'd rather house all equipment inside. The roof will only have popvents eveything else will be inside my warehouse. Dirt until I get the environments dialed in then on to hydro.

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My computer drawings are janky and not to scale. I have ample room for reservoirs 55 gallon barrels are my usualy choice, and I have three faucets plumbed into the warehouse not counting the bathroom with huge disabled access shower. There are also 2 big offices for processing bud and a large open area opposing the bathroom under the 2nd level where the grow room is.

Keep the questions coming! I'd like to think I thought of everything, but I think we all know new grows can be a real pain in the ass to get dialed.

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I'm off to make some budder. I think it's time to clean your cloner-setup though! It might be easier to put your grow up to Sticky - Haha good eye, I should take a scrub pad to those built up salts for sure. I hose everything down and clean my sprayers in between runs and run h2o2 in my cloners to keep free of root or plant disease.

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A deep cleaning has been on my list of things to do for a while now It probably will stay salty fresh until it messes with my ph or ec Have I mentioned that my complex has an around the clock security guard on site. Clepter - I see you have already spoke with my fine neighbor Jed. He likes to fertilize his plants with horse shit "horsey" tea and shit straight from his chicken coop, and adds metal shavings from his shop for micro nutrients. You know, like iron!

Sizzlean screen for sale

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Dr. Greenthumb’s ‘Sizzlean’ screen