Single status is so boring want to change it now

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Long after the first kiss fireworks, you may find yourself eating leftovers for the third night in a row, as your long-term partner snores through their TMJ mouthguard, with Sports Center playing in the background. Your attachment style is developed in childhood and is based on how your parents or primary caregiver interacted with you. If your parents were emotionally unavailable or were inconsistent with their affection, you may have developed an insecure attachment style. As Earnshaw shares, this means you'll likely feel avoidant and withdrawn when you sense strong feelings of intimacy.

Of course, feeling bored in relationships at some points is normal. While it may not be as exciting and new as it once was after the honeymoon stage, you and your partner have the opportunity to deepen your bond and solidify your commitment to each other. Here are 13 reasons you might feel bored in your relationship. This can lead you to feel trapped and you may even convince yourself that this is something you need to escape.

Relationships are meant to grow over time. As Dave Wolovskyrelationship expert and positive psychology coach, tells Bustle, "Relationships grow when both partners become more vulnerable with each other. Your relationship will evolve as your bond deepens over time. But when you're closing yourself off to that kind of connection, Wolovsky says you're not only limiting yourself, but the growth of your relationship as well.

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Opening up takes time. It's OK to start slow. Good communication is an essential part of any relationship. Learning good communication skills takes time. As Bobbi Palmerrelationship coach and founder of Date Like a Grownuptells Bustle, "A person who is trying to make a relationship work for the long-term will be open to and encourage discussion that helps them learn about their partner's background, wants, and needs, and dreams for the future.

The ability to share these types of things is what helps a healthy relationship grow. A part of being good at communication is being a good listener. If you don't practice active listening in order to really understand your partner, it's hard to move your relationship past the superficial. When you aren't connecting with your partner in a deeper way, it can make them and your relationship seem boring.

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For the most part, relationships are great at the beginning. But maintaining a good relationship long-term takes work.

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If you're looking for that perfect partner to sweep you off your feet and make all your romantic dreams come true, you're just setting yourself up for disappointment. When you're seeking that perfect relationship, you're likely to develop a pattern of jumping into a relationship and losing interest once it's not exactly how you wanted.

If you find that you get bored in relationships easily, you may want to look at the types of people you're choosing to date. One way to figure this out is to write down what you liked about your relationships and what you didn't like. Take time to really dive into each of your past partners and your feelings about them. If you notice that they have similar traits, you may want to consider dating outside of your usual type. Another reason you may be checking out?

People change all the time, and it doesn't have to be anything drastic either.

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For instance, they can have new interests or opinions about what's happening in the world. If you really aren't ready to make a commitment to someone, you may start to check out once things start getting serious.

When you're serious about wanting to be in a relationship, you won't get scared about the work that you'll have to put in.

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You'll likely put in the effort to get creative to find ways to keep yourself from feeling bored. Long-term relationships demand a lot of effort. If your love life is starting to feel stale, it may be a you need to pick up the slack. Try planning a running date night for your partner or picking up their favorite snack when you see it at the store. Actively making an effort can make the relationship feel more interesting.

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What did you do for fun before you met your partner? Maybe you took Salsa lessons at the Y. Perhaps you wrote poetry for fun. Or did you have a workout class that you loved? Josh Klapowa clinical psychologist, ly tells Bustle.

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Maybe you need a weekend away with friends. Remember all the interesting things that make you who you are. Maybe you want to do a fundraiser for a cause you care about. Think about hobbies or projects that interest you that you can do without your partner and get to filling up your own schedule.

While you may enjoy their company, it might be time to set some boundaries. Not every day is going to feel like a rom-com, but you can work to make some moments feel sparkly. Plan a surprise date night or text them that you love them for no reason. Bring back the early dating romance to freshen things up. When you ignore feelings, they often grow bigger.

Dave Wolovskyrelationship expert and positive psychology coach. Josh Klapowa clinical psychologist. By Kristine Fellizar and Griffin Wynne. Updated: May 26, Originally Published: Aug.

Single status is so boring want to change it now

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