Single christian holidays

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I accept. As a bonus, I met my now-husband while travelling. It's usually more expensive, too. With summer approaching, thoughts turn to planning a much-needed break. For many of us, the prospect of going on holiday alone feels more like a punishment than a treat, so we end up not bothering. For those of us without a partner or family, planning a break may involve some lateral thinking, but it also means we have the flexibility to do something different and enjoy the company of a wide variety of people.

Here are a few options to consider…. For some singles, going on holiday alone is nothing to be fazed by. Solo travellers often report making friends with other hotel guests or meeting others on the trail with whom they link up for parts of their journey. In fact, some couples holiday separately for that reason.

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Singles are able to do exactly what they want, when they want. It means I can do exactly what I want, and there are always people willing to help you. I have a married friend who also enjoys going away on her own. From exploring the Greek islands to trekking to Machu Picchu, there are packages to suit every taste.

Some people go with friends, but there will always be other singles who are keen to make friends. Check out www. There are also several Christian holiday companies and social groups that offer trips for singles see below. These have included tours across Scotland, Sweden and Cuba. The organisation is all done for me, I get some great cycling and I meet nice people. There are several companies that specialise in holidays for Christians. Some are deed specifically for Single christian holidays some flag up particular trips for solo travellers; and some are aimed at anyone but are often particularly attractive to singles.

Richmond Holidays: www. The Christian Holiday People: www. Oak Hall: www. Gold Hill Holidays: www. Christian Guild: www. Some Christian festival organisations also create holiday opportunities. For example Spring Harvest has an adults only break in France in September to which both married and single people are welcome.

The following Christian social groups arrange occasional holidays for members:. Special Events: specialevents live. Harvesters Together: harvesters blueyonder. We had lots of fun and, on one trip, I met my now-husband. If you have single friends, you could consider planning a holiday together.

Meals and days out can be spent together, and when they head off for couple or family time, you can sink into a good book in peace.

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We had a fabulous time exploring, and even fitted in a day trip to Estonia. Very memorable! It was lovely. Many singles use their holidays to visit those loved ones. Most people have busy lives and responsibilities, so visits may have to be planned well in advance.

I also have friends from university and church scattered around the UK, and I love visiting them. Churches are perfectly placed for a group getaway or annual holiday. Many churches take over a conference centre, holiday park or budget hotel for a week or weekend during an off-peak season to keep costs low.

Others arrange group trips to events such as Spring Harvest or Greenbelt. This gives the congregation a chance to build deeper relationships.

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Perhaps you could suggest this to your church leaders? As a single mum on a low budget, this has become our annual family holiday. This website uses cookies to improve your user experience. Here are a few options to consider… Going solo For some singles, going on holiday alone is nothing to be fazed by. Catherine Francis, 20 May Our top 10 survival tips Dreading Mothering Sunday?

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Holiday happily as a single person Ten Tips for doing Christian Festivals on your own How to survive and thrive at Christmas Dating first time or again? Resources For churches For individuals Ideas for married couples The research. Get involved Mailing List About us. Ready to become a Single Friendly Church? Register your church Follow us on.

Single christian holidays

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How to holiday as a single person