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Andrew Fromm, He keeps me focused on what we are truly trying to accomplish together, which is to share our love and our life — with a little one. Brian Miller, Father to Lenox, 18 months; another due September Every day during their junior year at college, Brian would race to get to World Religions class early to beat out another guy for the coveted spot next to Emily.

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There was instant chemistry. He was so patient and didn't give up on me. I knew those qualities would come in handy in a marriage. Brian has the ability to bring out the best in everyone. Chad Albold, Navy pilot Family: Married 4 years. Father to Blake, 2 Move over, Tom Cruise. Chad was an instructor at Top Gun, the naval school the movie is based on, when he and Tasha, 32, were married four years ago. He's also a wonderful father to their month-old daughter. In the morning, he'll have a cup of coffee waiting for me, and a sippy cup of milk for her.

Those little things show me that he'll always be there for us. Chad Crossland, Father to Cash, 4 During a visit to the gym in college, Chad and Melissa ended up exercising side-by-side. Chris Smith, Three days later, she got a message from Chris. After a week of communicating via phone and e-mail, Chris hopped on a plane from Atlanta to Savannah so they could meet face-to-face.

He took job after job — no matter how humbling — to support us. But I didn't need to be impressed by his career, it was the man he was that blew me away — and he still does. He's all I need. Clint Wasuita, Hometown: Kaysville, UT Profession: Pediatric nutrition salesman Family: Married 1 year and 4 months "When Clint pulled me close as we danced, I felt an overwhelming feeling of safety and peace," Christy, 26, remembers of their wedding day.

He was just as ready for those tests as I was! With his ruggedly handsome looks, Clint has earned some fans beyond their household, as well: Nurses in one of the hospitals he visits for work refer to him as Clint "Wa-cute-a" a play on his last name Wasuita. Corey Christopher, Father to Cayden, 6, and Cillian, 4 When Brittany, 29, first laid eyes on her now-husband Corey at the gym in college, she told her friends: "That's the guy I'm going to marry," without ever having spoken a word to him. She worked up the Sexy Rochester for future wifey to talk to him in the cafeteria and the two started dating — but six months later, Corey was sent to Germany with the Air Force.

It was a trip of a lifetime. He literally thought of everything to make my life easier. DeVon Jenkins, I was a complete wreck, and DeVon stepped up to hold us together. We always have fun together.

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Edward Krawczyk, Father to Emily, 6 Edward couldn't contain his feelings when he struck up a conversation with Melissa at a mutual friend's New Year's party in Then he did it a third time. Finally I was like, I'm catching on to you! Whenever I see them together, it makes me fall in love with him all over again.

Gary Warner, Army Family: Married 19 years. Brady a run for his money. He'll even shoo his wife for a weekend away with her mom to have a break. It's our time together. At age 40, he still gets the maximum score on his physical fitness tests, beating many of the younger guys. However, "it's his smile that I Sexy Rochester for future wifey say is his best feature," says Shannon.

Herb Vadney, Father to Kellen, 16, and Sydney, 13 Herb and Jackie grew up in the same small town of Conyers, GA, but never knew one another — until Herb's mom stepped in. After meeting Jackie through work, the savvy future mother-in-law introduced them — and the pair were engaged 6 months later.

He also turned out to be a perfect gentleman. I admired that. He still surprises me with his kindness and love. Ian Goicochea, But she fell hard when she learned he shared her love for animals: The two started dating and volunteering at an animal shelter together and ended up adopting a dog together. A month later, they were married. Jon Allard, Father to Lexi, 4, and Crew, 2 Hellocaptain!

This pilot knows how to keep his wife on cloud nine: "When we were first married and I went on a flight with him — I was a passenger and he was flying the plane — he had one of the flight attendants give me a card," remembers Kristina, If so, I can guarantee two months of marital bliss.

I thought it was so cute and silly. We're his top priority — and he shows it. He tells me every day that I'm the most wonderful wife he knows," she laughs. Jose Feliciano III, Father to Andrew, 21, Cassondra, 18, and Jose IV, 11 Years ago, there was a pretty cashier at the Sexy Rochester for future wifey store that Jose Feliciano could never work up the nerve to talk to.

And the cashier, Doris, noticed him, too — whenever she rang him up, she'd give him a big smile to let him know she was interested. Jose aspired to one day help others like these officers had helped him. When Doris told Jose not to get her an expensive birthday gift, he surprised her by painting her a birthday card, giving her a coupon for a body massage from him, of courseand placing s that said "Happy Birthday Doris" all over their neighborhood. Says Doris: "I am truly blessed to have such an amazing, thoughtful, and hot guy in my life!

Josh Elet, Father to Elaina, 1 For Josh and Lacy, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. But he came home when she was eight months old and they clicked right away.

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No one can make her laugh like he does. He's also proved to be his wife's biggest supporter. I was so happy when I passed. Josh never stopped believing in me. Josh Perkins, Father to Trace, 10 months A man who can multitask? Now we've seen everything. By the end of the summer I had a box overflowing with his writing — and a heart overflowing with love for him. Kyle Dubey, Father to Luke, 2, and Caleb, 1 Julie and Kyle met thanks to a really bad blind date.

They called Kyle. Omel Cardenas, Clearly this is a man who knows what women want: "He proposed to me on a hot air balloon in Napa Valley," Ashley recalls. It was amazing.

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His generosity also extends to his church and community. He's the total package of inner and outer beauty. Oruaro Idudhe, During Andrea's first week at Keesler Air Force base in Mississippi, a cute guy pulled over and asked if she wanted a ride. In fact, it was Andrea who asked Oruaro for his that day, and the two started dating soon after.

It was comforting to have someone to talk to. Sexy Rochester for future wifey McCleary, In fact, even Rick's proposal was spur-of-the-moment. He showed me that he'll love me no matter what. He's always making me laugh! Ryan Brown, It was the best ending to the best day. It was a perfect mix. I don't think it gets better than that. Shaun Cormier, Father to Noah, 5, and Lucas, 2 Hot and handy? Yes and yes! He can fix anything. He recently even renovated our house with his own two hands.

When Dawn arrived, she found a candle- and rose-petal-lined pathway to the bedroom, where Shaun was kneeling with the ring. Now that he's a father of two, she's fallen in love with yet another side of him. He is so involved in our kids' lives. And he's really affectionate with both boys — it's very sweet to see. Todd Jensen, Father to Sailor, 2, and Sylvie, 2 months When Molly first saw Todd at church 12 years ago, she though, Wow, he's so hot!

For the three years that Molly, 32, has been married to Todd, he's worked full-time as a paralegal and studied law at night — but he still manages to make time for their family. And we squeeze in date nights when we can — he'll pick the restaurant and I'll pick the movie.

Sexy Rochester for future wifey

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