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Backless or strapless dresses are very much in trend, and we all want to wear them on some or the other occasion. But, before stepping out in this sexy outfit, you need to make sure that you have a toned upper back.

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This is because the back fat can spoil the whole look of your backless or strapless dress. Toned and sexy back always complements such revealing dresses. We all know that push-ups are ideal for toning the arms, but what is lesser known is that they are great for reducing back fat. Follow these steps to do push-ups rightly: advertisement. Dumbbell one-point row advertisement.

Now, pull the dumbbells straight up to your sides and then push it down slowly. Switch the legs after eight repetitions and do the same with the left leg. Swiss ball Y-raise advertisement. You would require an exercise ball to perform this workout.

Lie on the ball with face down and toes on the floor. Now, keep your back straight and make sure that the ball is placed below your chest. Let your arms hang loosely on the ground with palms facing each other.

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Then, raise your arms at degree angle from your body, so that it forms a Y and keep raising them till they are in line with your body. Hold your hands in that position for a few seconds before lowering back to the starting position.

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Do 10 repetitions. You will surely feel like one superhero with this workout. Just follow these simple steps to do this fun workout: advertisement. Even though this exercise could not be termed as fairly easy, but we have incorporated it here for if done regularly this exercise can do wonders for your back! For this exercise, you need to: Bend your hands behind your neck. Ensure that your original position maintains a linearity between chest, knees and toes. Now, slowly bend your head forwards, and simultaneously move one of your legs backwards. Come back to the original position, and repeat the process with the other leg.

Kneeling rear fly advertisement. This is a simple exercise to get a toned and sexy back. All that you need to do is: Take a pair of dumbbells or even a single dumbbell. Sit down on the floor with your knees bent. Make sure that your knees and shoulders are in alignment and the entire body is right-angled to the floor. Taking the support of one Sexy body back, stretch out the other hand and hold it like that for 1 count. Continue doing the same for 15 counts, and switch your hands. Frequently Asked Questions 1. How to shape your back? Follow any of the above-mentioned exercises, and you will see an amazing transformation in your back posture.

Even if you strictly decide and do one exercise on a regular basis, clearly you'll be able to sexily flaunt your back within a month.

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How to get a sexier body? A sexy body doesn't necessarily mean beautiful face, long and dark hair and brilliant eyes as is the common notion.

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A body with a good posture can safely be termed as sexy. So, to get a sexier body you need a sexier back among other thingsand to get that you need to start the exercises.

Sexy body back

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