Sex with Others in Toronto.

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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. At the start of the pandemic, there was some speculation that COVID might spark some sort of a sexual revolution. Couples stuck at home might ease the stress and boredom by having all of the sex. Single people might hook up with anyone in their bubble just because they were there. New research from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, however, suggests that the pandemic has had an impact on sex but not in the way people thought it might.

Simple enough.

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Rosen says that we might be able to extrapolate from American data and assume we have similar sex lives but cautions that it would be highly regional in Canada, since some provinces had very different experiences of the pandemic than others.

Here in Ontario, which has seen several shutdowns and half-measures when it comes to schooling, we might expect quite a few people to resemble the parents with young children in the Kinsey study — noteworthy because they experience the biggest decline in both frequency of sex and satisfaction. One in five respondents were fully leaning into their kink and getting adventurous and trying new things in bed or, for that matter, the kitchen. Or over their smartphones. The study cites new positions, new rooms, role-playing and, obviously, sex tech, including virtual sex, porn, smart toys and sexting.

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Sexting and sharing graphic photos became more common during the pandemic, but few who engaged in that actually reported feeling satisfied with their sex lives. Sort of like Zoom with your friends and family, which we all say is better than nothing but still leaves you feeling empty.

Instead, it was those who got their kink on in person with a partner, whether it was in bondage and dominance role-playing or just trying out a new position.

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Old fashioned face-to-face BDSM and erotic massage still appear to have an edge over virtual reality. Depending on the situation, though, meeting in the flesh might not be an option. So, it might make sense to avoid letting perfection be the enemy of pretty good.

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Sex with Others in Toronto.

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