Sadhu sundar selvaraj

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Total Views. A police complaint has been given against an evangelical preacher in a saffron robe, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj of Jesus Ministries, who spoke ill about the Covid vaccine in a TV show seeking he should be booked under the Goondas Act. In Tamil Nadu, the Dravidian stocks turns blind eye to the conversion, sexual assaults of Christian pastors and their followers even if it was brought to the attention of law enforcers. Now they have started questioning the efficacy of the Covid vaccines.

Before polls, DMK and its allies doubted the efficacy of the Vaccine. One more such incident came to light in social media. In the video, Christian Missionary wearing a saffron Kurta and a long beard cheat the gullible preaches against Covid vaccinations. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj was raised up in an orthodox Hindu family. When he 7 years old, his father became a laymen priest. As first male child of the family, he the followed footsteps of his father by studying mantras and was well versed in performing poojas.

In June when he was 16, he attended Sadhu sundar selvaraj lecture by an evangelist and converted to Christianity. Since then he has been criticizing Hinduism. He claims as a forerunner who has been blessed to prepare the way of the Lord for His Second Coming. Sundar Selvaraj has been preaching Gospel and bringing the healing power of God since to more than 55 nations. He has been fooling and cheating the innocents with his pseudo supernatural power by prosing cure for everything. Now he has gone out of his brief by claiming that covid 19 vaccination is against the tenets of Christianity.

If it is an ordinary vaccine no harm. But other two major forces are ed together, in the name of Christ run away from it. I am warning you in the name Jesus Christ. In the video a woman with a boy seen hesitating to take the Covid vaccine. Despite assurances from Sadhu sundar selvaraj team of doctors, the woman refused to inoculate his son by remembering the words of Sunder Selvaraj. So we must not get vaccinated. That is what grandpa Sundar Selvaraj image in the background is saying.

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The mark of the beast satan is hidden in it. This is what you read in the book of revelation. As the Lord has said in the bible. Why are blabbering her like a fool?

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We are inserting this chip- for your welfare. Why are getting anxious for no reason? No one believes me. The team which a leader with a towel resembling a BJP leader ask the people they catch her! Many Christians seem to together a lot of information on the vaccine, the good, the bad and its efficacy. I am flooded with a huge of s asking whether they should take the vaccine or not. Many pastors and church leaders ask for opinion.

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I took it up before the Lord in Prayer. This is what the Lord really showed me.

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As it is popularly or wrongly news spread in the Christian world today that the vaccine is a remarkable feat. I want to tell you that it is not. Lord got Yehovahthe holy of Israel, showed me very clearly from the beginning that the holy scriptures that Corona vaccine is not the remarkable feet. I was trouble by this issue. On one night I came before the presence of the Lord and asked him please show me clearly what is this all about. That was the shocker to me. Lord Jesus said open your bible to revelations chapter 13 and asked me to reach each verse one by one very carefully.

The chapter is the Sadhu sundar selvaraj famous chapter in the entire bible that talks about the mark of the beast. So I read each verse very clearly and towards the end of the chapter where it detailed clearly the mark of the beast. The Lord asked me a question when was the mark of the beast is implemented?

And who had implemented it? God I have no answer. He told me about the raising of the first beast and that the first beast is come to be known as anti-Christ…. He is a global phenomena.

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Who is the beast who dare to make war against God? World nations say Vaccine is not compulsory. As it is spreading false information and misguides the public, Era. He has urged the police to initiate action under suitable sections and booked him under Goondas Act. Meyyappan told your correspondent that he had brought it to the notice of the police as the preacher has committed an offence under the National Pandemic and Disaster Management Act. He also asked the police to delete the same from the youtube channel. Meyyapan said it is nothing but an unscientific preaching and misleading the innocent people against Vaccination by giving false information.

Police officials assured Meyyappan that suitable action would be taken. It is learnt that the Sundar Selvaraj had regretted for the same and the channel promised that no such programmes would be repeated or aired. Some say the video had first appeared on Sadhu sundar selvaraj media last November itself.

Sadhu sundar selvaraj

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Tamil Nadu: Sundar Selvaraj of Jesus Ministries Preaches Against Covid 19 Vaccinations, Police Complaint Filed