Sad songs lyric

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It's totally normal to need a good cry sometimes, and there's nothing that does the trick quite like the best sad songs can.

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Hearing your favorite artists of all time singing the saddest lyrics and capture the depth of your emotion has a way of breaking through even the most stoic exterior so you can finally let all of those emotions come pouring out with your tears. In fact, according to Dr. Alicia Clarkcrying "helps mobilize intense feelings, provide their cathartic release, and is one of our most efficient balancing tools.

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We hand-picked the list of sad songs below to help you bring on the tears when you feel like it's all getting to be too much. Feel free to cry along to your own favorite or go ahead and bawl your eyes out to the entire playlist if you're so inclined.

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And when you think you've got it all figured out in your head you know the Man's got your final say. Can you light the fire? Liz Abere is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture, spirituality, love, and relationships.

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Sad songs lyric

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