Robert pattinson is dating who

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The films not only helped Stewart become a star, but they helped propel her to the top of the pop culture scene, with millions of fans all over the world.

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In addition to the fame and fortune that she received from acting as Bella, the Twilight franchise helped to connect Stewart to one of her all-time great loves — her co-star, actor Robert Pattinson. Still, the course of romance never ran smoothly for the pair, and even before they had made a real love connection, the director who worked with them on Twilight reportedly warned Pattinson against dating Stewart.

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Stewart, a promising young actor who had appeared in a of high-profile productions, had never helmed such a major motion picture — but her intensity and brooding good looks promised great things. When the film was released init received glowing reviews from fans, many of whom called out the chemistry between the two lead actors.

As it turns out, the magic that sparked between Pattinson and Stewart on the set of Twilight was no accident. The two formed an immediate connection and began dating, although they opted to never directly confirm their relationship to the media. Still, their romance was an open secret, and years after Pattinson and Stewart split, Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke opened up about how the young actors had chemistry right from the start.

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In fact, Hardwicke claimed that she warned Pattinson against dating Stewart right after their first audition together. Twilight pic.

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For several years, they were able to conduct their love affair under the radar. Intheir romance was threatened when Stewart was linked to Rupert Sanders, a married director. Still, Stewart and Pattinson were able to mend fences, going on to date for another year before finally breaking up.

Robert pattinson is dating who

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Who is Robert Pattinson Dating? About The Secretive Couple