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Kingy claims to have picked-up countless women using the techniques and he believes you can too by following some of the advice below. Sun man Lee Walpole put his ideas into action by attending one of his puamethod. Below he reveals how he got on Girls realise the ificance of this festive time of year and subconsciously want a boyfriend and so are more open to meeting someone new. Approaching women on the street is romantic.

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Women much prefer a cool story to accompany how they met their boyfriend. It is so much more romantic to approach her outside during the day or evening instead of meeting her at the local bar. Women are generally in a happier mood this time of year because they are out shopping in the sales. Use this as a simple conversation starter or something to talk about mid conversation. Have a couple sure fire ways to start a conversation already prepared before you leave the house.

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Appear Busy. It is nothing personal but when a man approaches a woman the first two things she usually is thinking is: 1 What does this guy want? And 2 How can I get rid of him? If you let her know that you can only chat for a few minutes because you are just about to meet your friend Lucy for a coffee.

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She will be a lot more relaxed and open to your approach. Women are more outgoing at parties. At special events women can use it as an excuse to have some fun, dress up and be a little crazier than normal.

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Let the woman decide what the best way for you to get in contact is. Dates are not dates anymore. Just have a view to hanging out with her and having fun. No dinner dates, no big expensive gestures and no pressure. Keep it fun and simple, somewhere where you will be able to get to know each other better.

I knew what he meant. Up until this point he had been showing us what to do and we had been soaking up every line. But then I realised I was part of a group of four men - ages ranging from 21 and 38 - who had ed up to take part in the masterclass. Kingy took me aside and told me to forget about it and move on - the only way to learn is by failing.

After the first hour of humiliation, I was beginning to think the whole thing was pointless, but by the time we headed towards the club we were so used to rejection that approach anxiety no longer bothered us. I was beginning to see a method to the madness.

The following night, we met in a hired office suite where we watched videos of the Pulling tips for women in action. By the end of the evening, we all felt much more confident and was approaching any woman we saw fit.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Pulling at a Party