Psalm love is patient

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The author won an award for his performance in a nationwide intercollegiate ancient Greek translation contest. What is love? Love is patient, love is kind. It sums up everything most important in life and spirituality.

Without love, everything we do will amount to utter meaninglessness. To that end, I will analyze certain parts of this passage, focusing particularly on key words as they were in the original Greek translation. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. You can refer to BibleGateway's library for other translations of this popular bible verse about love. Ancient Greek pottery, depicting the emotion and touch associated with deep affection. This is a terrible mistake.

When we are told to love our enemies, it does not mean that we are to do good to them out of a mere sense of moral obligation. Indeed, we are to love them in every deep sense of that word, heart, mind, and soul. If one such as myself feels unable to perform such a feat, the only suggestion I may offer is that one seek God, who is the source of such love. It is impossible to describe what God Love is, as God is infinite and our words are finite. It is, however, possible to say what God Love does.

God, like anyone else, is best known and understood by what He does. Love, it would seem, does nothing half-heartedly. We continue to "love is kind". What a beautiful description of what God does for us, and expects us to do for each other. When applied to people, it also means any or all of the following: good, honest, trustworthy, and kind. I hope that by now it is apparent that, by looking deeper into the origins of words in this scripture, we may uncover a vast new world of meaning which was completely hidden before.

It does mean to be kind, in our usual sense of the word, yes. And so we should also be beginning to see why the 1 Corinthians "Love Verse" really does contain all the most important teachings of religion, as it tells us all the most important things for living a good life. Both spring from a self-centered desire to somehow be better than other people. Envy is self-centeredness manifested in areas where we perceive ourselves to be lacking relative to other people. Pride is self-centeredness manifested in areas where we perceive others to be lacking relative to us.

Love makes no such considerations, for it is complete in itself, and thus does not need to feel superior to anyone in order to feel whole. Wikimedia Common. The NIV, instead, says that love keeps no record of wrongs.

But to the contemporary mind, to think evil could mean a lot more than merely holding a Psalm love is patient. So which translation is more true to the original Greek? I have to cast my vote for the NIV. But it can also refer to a wrong or injury done to a person. I think that here, it clearly means the latter. I wrote the preceding paragraph years ago. I've more recently become fond of Psalm love is patient idea that this scripture also refers to evil in the general sense.

If you're like me, you'll notice that there is a lot of suffering and evil in the world. It can feel overwhelming.

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However, the sort of Love described in this verse never loses hope because of it. From the perspective of a Love that never fails, evil is, ultimately, nothing to take of. In the end, evil doesn't factor into the equation. Love rejoices with the truth verse 6. Truth, as it stands alone, is something obvious. It cannot go unnoticed. It will never remain forgotten.

It may be covered or warped in various ways, but in the end, truth is reality itself. As such, it is all there really is. Error and deception have no substance of their own. They are phantoms—mere parasites that feed on the truth.

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Truth is the One Reality, and so it will be the only thing that is remembered throughout time. Whatever is untrue will one day be forgotten. God is Love, and Love never fails. Because God is love, He loves every creature with the same intense, never-ending love, whether they love Him or hate Him in return. It is an active love by which God—with the full force of all His will, thoughts, emotions, and very life-force—seeks to provide every being with what it needs. It is worth repeating: Love will utterly succeed at its singular desire, which is to fulfill every single living being in every possible way.

It is a fact as grand, beautiful, and inevitable as Truth itself. The author lovingly dedicates this article on November 6th,to the memory of two dear friends: Gary Amirault, who passed from this world on November 3rd,and his wife, Michelle Amirault, who preceded him in death on July 31st, Gary and Michelle lived their lives passionately in love with Love, and on behalf of Love. Indeed, this article would likely have never come to be, were it not for Gary and Michelle's love. Gary and Michelle tirelessly promoted what they called the "Victorious Gospel", otherwise known as Christian Universalism or Universal Reconciliation.

In short, they proclaimed to the world that "Love Wins". Psalm love is patient Ministries is one of their most enduring legacies, and can still be found easily online. Answer: He said that in response to Jesus claiming that he had come to the world to bear witness to the truth, and that everyone who is "of the truth" would understand his message. It is impossible to say definitively why Pilate asked the question, and there are many interpretations out there.

Pilate was likely an educated man, and his social milieu was very cosmopolitan and intellectually advanced. By intellectually advanced, I'm not referring to the common people of the time, but to people who were likely to move in Pilate's social circles. So, I'd like to think that his question was a cynical sort of commentary on the elusiveness of "Truth".

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Alongside philosophers genuinely concerned with truth as a category, Pilate was undoubtedly well-versed in the sophistry of his time, which was more concerned with using rhetoric as a means to an end. In that context, as well as in the judicial role that Pilate played, "truth" was to a large extent the mere handmaiden of political or social agendas, and it was determined by the best propagandists. This is very interesting and I especially enjoy the Greek translation for the verses.

It adds such depth. My husband and I have had our hearts crushed by a son who now says he loves us. Unfortunately even though he was raised in a Christian home his words and actions are not of the person we knew. When they say they love you. I'm planing to send this to my son in hope that it might prnatrateing his. I go thru these things very often with my wife. Your Psalm love is patient here is very true and accurate. It seems hopeless but Right when it does. What an extraordinary explanation of Love as its truth shall never be forgotten I Psalm love is patient transformed "literally", by this persons ability to share so accordingly to my ability to comprehend.

I am excited and will share this with others. I am grateful to have come across this piece while searching for a way to share with my son and his girlfriend, what it really means to love. As he shares his life struggles, it is the struggle of love that concerns me the most. It certainly reveals I missed the mark as his mother yesterday but today by the grace of God, I have the opportunity to make amends.

Thank you. Great article, but when in reference to the word 'thumos' section on patience I could not find anyone who correlates with your definition. I think it kind of gives a cool picture when looking at it that way. I came across your thought provoking inspirational article by accident. I have saved it to return to many times over as it so helpful and encouraging. To be commanded or directed away from our own understanding in reference to the things of God is a blessing To be commanded to study for ones Self, standing under God much more so As a human can not properly teach a wolf to hunt so is man in teaching the ways and knowledge of God lest he first reveal and then explain himself via his spirit It is written that gods word shall never passaway and is the very depiction and likeness of God I.

How then could the spoken word be finite and incapable of emcompassing love Indeed light arrived after God spoke Saying with words let there be And it was Our Father has also said life and death is in the power of thy tongue Words are eternal as infinite as God himself Justin, that was Perfect I loved how you broke it down using the Greek language as the reference.

God is Love and Love is Truth. Truth will always succeed.

Psalm love is patient

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