Pros and cons of dating a deaf person

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News and updates for the dreamers, the doers, the thinkers, the makers and the innovators. Read our privacy policy. Your details will be added to our mailing lists. Our privacy policy explains how we generally collect, use, store and disclose personal information about you. This is different to being hearing impaired, where you generally have some natural functional sound, just at a reduced level.

To help me hear I am lucky enough to wear one cochlear implant on my right ear, which sits on the outside of my head and stays on because of a magnet attached inside my head. Want to know how they work? It can be quite hard describing what my hearing or lack of it sounds like to people who have never experienced it for themselves. Many people believe that a cochlear implant is a magical cure where someone will automatically have perfect hearing. No one really knew what happened or why I became deaf. Overall, there are pros and cons to being deaf, just like many situations in life.

When I was younger, I had to learn how to speak and had countless years of speech therapy. I would watch mouth movements for hours in the hope that I would learn how to speak.

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Not only did it teach me how to speak but also how to lip read — talk about killing two birds with one stone! When I was younger, one of my favourite games to play with my family was to pretend that I could hear them when I had my implant off, but really all I was doing was lip-reading. Unfortunately, my lip-reading is restricted to reading only one person at a time, so I got caught out pretty quick. Impressive when I get it right but hilarious when I get it wrong. Imagine if you had to do that all the time. It was particularly difficult when I was in school, as students are often expected to get every piece of information and memorise it.

Selective hearing is a big silver lining when it comes to being deaf. I think many people have been woken up at am by garbage trucks or have struggled to sleep when someone snores. Plus it is rather peaceful having the opportunity to literally switch off pun intended and unwind. It also provides a great excuse to get out of awkward social situations. Crisis averted. I really struggled with the expectations placed on people living with a disability and for a very long time I found it really crippled my ability to live my best life.

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I was either expected to be the inspirational poster child and be perfect, or on the flipside, people would see me as tragically dysfunctional and unable to do anything. I have no problem using my story to help others and communicate that anyone with a disability is real and human.

People often think that if you are deaf, then you must be dumb. Ultimately, we are all human with our differences and own realities. This is not a bad thing and the world would be super boring if everyone was the same! But it has made me resilient, adaptable and determined to live my best life, and for me that is huge. I have had the chance to meet some great people and see the best in many of my closest friends. Having a disability definitely weeds out the less genuine people. Banner image via Deaf Children Australia. Subscribe to FYA News and updates for the dreamers, the doers, the thinkers, the makers and the innovators.

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Me when I successfully pretend not to hear someone. We need more love, not stigma! Tweet Share.

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Pros and cons of dating a deaf person

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