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Bad men go to Patong. Why are they called ping pong shows? Apparently, the Thai women put a ping pong into their vagina and shoot it across the room. I even heard of them doing this to a banana. This might take animal cruelty to the next level.

I only came to the Phuket region because it was one of the cheapest flights out of Sydney, Australia, to Southeast Asia. The strip along Bangla Road is just a regular road with bars, restaurants, tattoo shops, and strip clubs during the day. The traffic passes along just like any other road in Thailand.

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Bangla road le to the police station and Patong Beach. The super touristy beach is jammed with sun dwellers, merchants, on-the-sand Thai massage huts, and people offering parasailing and jet skiing services. When the sun goes down, Bangla Road comes out to play. This is a place to party.

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Most people enjoyed their time on Bangla Road from what I observed. Of course, a little alcohol helps. Yes, they call themselves ladyboys in this part of the world, even on Tinder. They are medically known as transsexuals or the politically correct term is transgender.

Forgive me if I have my words wrong. I walked from my hostel to Bangla Road and there are several shops offering Thai messages; some with happy endings. The women at these parlours would call you out or touch your arm as you walk by. But the overwhelming amount of ladyboy harassment is unreal in Patong and especially in and around Bangla Road. Some of the Thai ladyboys look like models. I found out she was a ladyboy and asked her to leave. The ladyboy went crazy and hit me there were scars on his face. She also wanted baht.

I was able to kick her out of the room but she damaged the door before Patong lady boys left — with my wallet. The owner found out about the damage the same night. I ended up ditching the hostel in the early morning and came to this one. I was happy to leave after three nights — to Chiang Mai.

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