Passion romance erotic fantacy lustful pleasure

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Love is easily one of the most complicated human experiences. It fully occupies our emotions, bodies, and minds, and has many different incarnations. Fascination, adventure, comfort, energy and success each come with their own unique cocktail of brain chemicals that give you a heady rush or a sense of deep bonding, depending on the stage. Each stage of love delivers new sensations and experiences, and each one sparks a unique set of reactions in you and your partner.

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Below is a quick exercise I give people in order to figure out the answers to these questions for themselves. Finish the sentences below and then see for yourself if that fits with your ideas about emotional and mental well-being. As you do, be sure to remember that there are no right or wrong answers.

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Passion romance erotic fantacy lustful pleasure

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EROTICA: Short stories of lust and passion!