Organ bench with backrest

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Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Ebay Classic organs. Backrests on Organ Benches. This topic is closed. Posts Latest Activity Photos. of 1. Filtered by:. template Next. Backrests on Organ BenchesAM. Unfortunately, I already have bad posture at the tender age of 26 and have had it since I was a teenager. What are the thoughts on backrests for organ benches? I have a Theatre organ and a Church organ at home, and I am wondering if I should have backrests made, since I do have a tendency to slouch when I am playing.

Tags: None. Back rests do not fix slouching. Fix your posture. This is the voice of experience speaking. The older you get the harder and more painful fixing Organ bench with backrest will get, and the more debilitating side-effects you will suffer. Comment Post Cancel. Part of my problem is that I am quite tall about 6'2" and it seems that the entire world was made for people about 5'9" tall.

It doesn't help that the music desk on my usual organ is only just above the low single manual. I think I might have to make a "booster" music desk which will raise the height of my sheet music several inches for me. I despise backrests. If I were not using the pedals, I wouldn't need to lean back, I guess.

At best, a backrest prevents me from balancing my body and appendages. At worst, the backrest on one organ bench did not even allow me to fully sit on the bench, it kept pushing me off the front of the bench.

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I prefer a bench with no backrest, no seat pad, nothing but the bare simple bench. I'm 6'0" and have made similar observations. Please, fix your environment so that you have good eye-lines to work, do not slouch, do not work with your head down or neck craned. Sit tall, with your lumbar vertibrae in the correct not "out" shape, using your trunk muscles to support your upper body. I am under 40 and in constant terrible pain with frequent numbness in my elbows, hands, and fingers because I did not have anybody give me this advice when I was younger.

I have scar tissue in my neck and upper back that is attached to the nerves which control my arms. Don't make Organ bench with backrest same mistake as me, take care of your body. I must chime in here I agree with the advice given on fixing it so you do not have to slouch. I should add that it may not be a bad idea to see a specialist to diagnose your back. If you have ever seen me in one of my videos, it looks like I am slouching I am but I cannot help it. I have a condition called Kyphosis which can only be correced with surgery. As a kid I was always teased These days, medical technology has advanced to the point that conditions like this can be corrected with minimally invasive surgery.

If your condition is caused by environmental conditions, they can help you also with exercises, etc. I just wish I had done something when I was younger I'm 60 ; it may have spared me the nagging discomfort. In theory, there is no difference between theory and reality. In reality, there is. Definitely do something about bending your neck for the sight line to the music.

My mother popped a vertebra disk in her neck by looking down at the typewriter at a temp job she was at, and was in pain every day of the rest of her life. Use a masonite music rack extender or something with binder clips to the old one, or whatever, to get the music up to where your eyes are looking out level. I've got this PC display, for example, on 3 thick phone books to get it high enough.

The pipe organ I tried out Monday, had hymnals under the bench feet to get the 6' 2" resident organist up to a proper height for his arms. As I am of average height for people born in short today Organ bench with backrest had to take the hymnals out.

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As far as slouching, take up marching band or ROTC or something, or pretend you are marching like them and stand up straight. At 62 years of age, I have almost no back or neck pain, perhaps related to the way my band director trained me to walk around. I do find, playing organ where I wave my feet around a lot makes my back muscles hurt as never before.

I'm taking up pushups again, for the first time since I left the Army in I can't do the real man ones from the feet, or even the woman ones from my knees, but have to just lean against a stack chair against the wall and push myself up against the chair arms. Makes my arms and back sore though, probably does more concentrated back muscle building than more organ practice.

Don't forget stretching every day, watch a stretch program on television like "classical stretch" or the first 5 minutes of "body electric". The old army daily dozen is good too, but involves a lot of strength training I don't care for anymore. Daily seating is a big contributor to posture problems. Whether car seat, office chair, couch, or recliner, I find that most all seating is deed for short hunch-backed people. I'm only 5'9 - when setting with correct posture, the only parts of me that touch most seatbacks are my hips and my shoulder blades.

Seats and backs should be slightly convex, with a waterfall at both ends. Look at the seats in cars from the 30's to the 50's - most are much better that what we have today. I am only 5'8" and find things the same Organ bench with backrest. Car seats and even most office chairs are horrible. No offense to anyone but I think most seats these days are deed for people who are plus and therefore people like me just swim in them. The counters in my house were built " higher than a standard counter.

Even at my height I find it so much easier to work with than a standard counter.

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No stooping down. I keep the T on a caster stand and did the same with the Kimball. Not only is it easier to move around, but I actually find it much easier to play. The L is not on a stand and it feels like a pain sitting down and is impossible standing up. My 11 yr old uses that one though. Bill McIntyre.

I noticed that I have a tendency to slouch when I play. I also remember seeing some organ benches that are tilted or have an adjustment to raise the rear of the seat. I tried placing a pillow on the rear edge of my bench so that my pelvis tilts forward. I then found it easier to maintain proper posture and that my feet extend closer to the pedals. Place this on your bench with the high side to the rear and sit on it.

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I think you will find it easier to maintain proper posture. Originally posted by hartleymartin View Post. Old thread, but never a bad thing to refresh them! I'm in the 'never use a backrest' camp. Sort your posture out without resorting to them. Some actually encourage the player to lean slightly backwards, which is bad for technique.

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Bottom line is that the back should be straight upright, not leaning forwards, backwards or curved. Getting the height correct is also important. Organ benches are usually non-adjustable you can get some fully adjustable padded benches from Wersi and you may have to resort to doing what Bill has just suggested. It's not what you play.

It's not how you play. It's the fact that you're playing that counts. New website now live - www. Conn Martinique and Gulbransen Pacemaker. Kimball Temptation. Retired Leslies,x 2, x 2,x 2.

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Here is a pro-backrest thought. Forget the posture argument, I'm afraid of heights, and it only gets worse as I get older. I seems like every great pipe organ in this town is built in some high choir loft where the organist sits with their back pointed to the railing, and some of these railings are practically nonexistent. So if the bench has a backrest I am happy for the illusion of security that I will not fall backwards over the edge of the choir loft.

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Organ bench with backrest

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