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And all the changes on MySpace and how it works and them wiping out my pimped out is why I rarely if ever go to My Space anymore. I have done what everyone else has. Set up FaceBook. I Myspace default picture worked long and hard on my. In my opinion, this is why MySpace is losing out to facebook. I want to see the profile photos of my friends and mine on facebook.

They were lost yesterday due to clicking on one photo by my daughter. Thank you very much, it was kind of confusing at first but then i kept reading what you said and it made sense. Thank you very much, have a nice day! I only had 2 pics, and when the one was deleted, the one I wanted to be the main one automatically popped up in its place. Nothing EVER uplo. By the way — I sent you a friend request and you could reach me that way. Thanks a bunch! Just want to put a new photo!! Dave, You never answer any of my questions. I have one question and no one can answer it.

Is myspace that complicated? Actually, it is not user friendly. Thank you. I am trying to change my contact table to a pretty flower one. Have you ever come across this at all???? Thank you. I looked at others and yours is the only one that made sense. Click Edit. Then you have to click it again. It will now appear larger. Hope this helps! If anyone knows the right way to do it please message me.

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Myspace default picture

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How do I change my Myspace profile picture?