Mega man x password generator

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Passwords Pass Word sic in game are pretty straight forward; you'll find them laid out in a matrix of 3x4.

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Although you may find many different passwords throughout the game, you'll find that many of them give the same result. Your hard earned extra lives and sub tank energy don't get saved with the passwords, only the bosses you've beaten, how many Sub Tanks and Heart Tanks you acquired, and the upgrades you've gotten excluding the Hadouken will be saved.

Also note that all Sigma Stage passwords will take you to Stage 1, regardless of whether or not you made it past the first stage.

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It is possible to get the Hadouken at start with this password without having to go back to Armored Armadillo's stage. By holding L, R, X and down when you press start, it will give you all items and will send you to Sigma Stage 1 including being able to perform the Hadouken, which is not savable for most passwords.

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