Mean words that start with c

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Just as things were starting to settle down, along came William the Conqueror. Old English speakers were now facing the same problem that the Romans had had, as their letter C was being used for two entirely different sounds. Also called a cabby-labcabby-labby is an old Scots dialect word for a noisy quarrel or disagreement in which everyone involved is speaking at the same time. Borrowed into English in the s, a cacafuego or cacafugo is a blustering, swaggering boaster. Derived from Latin, cachinnation is loud or raucous laughter, and to cachinnate is to laugh loudly or immoderately.

Something that is cachinnatoryincidentally, makes you cachinnate. Likewise, a caconym is an ill-fitting or unpleasant name; a cachotechny is a poorly constructed device or work of art; and a cacotype is either a printing error, or a libelously insulting printed description or. Because the Cain of Cain and Abel is supposed to have had red hair, Shakespeare coined the term Cain-colored in The Merry Wives of Windsor to describe someone with a fair, reddish-colored beard.

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A caliduct is a pipe for conducting hot air or heated water, as in a radiator. Someone who is calophanticlikewise, pretends to be better than they really are.

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Derived from the French quatrecater is a 16th century word for the four on a die or in a pack of cards. Derived from that, to cater means to walk or move along a diagonal path, while to position something caterwise or cater-cornered means to place it diagonally.

The chabble is the slight undulation on the surface of the sea, or of a liquid in a large vessel.

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An old Yorkshire dialect nickname for weak tea. The smaller and lesser-known partner of the word myriad is chiliad. So while a myriad is literally a group of 10, a chiliad is a group of A chiliagonultimately, is a shape with sides; a chiliarch is the leader of men; and a chiliarchy is a government or ruling body formed from individual members.

A medical name for snow-blindness, an affliction of the eyes caused by the reflection of sunlight on snow or ice. A 17th-century word for a circuitous, long-winded route or way of doing something.

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An 18th-century Scots dialect word for a bitter disappointment, or for a sound thrashing or beating. Also called a climb-shelfa climb-tack is a cat that likes to explore high shelves or hard-to-reach places. Also known as dysaniaclinomania is an obsessive desire to stay in bed or a total inability to get up in the morning. Other C-phobias include chromophobia the fear of brightly-colored thingscheimaphobia the coldcryophobia icecyberphobia computerscynophobia dogsand cneidophobia insect stings.

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Probably derived from cock-a-bendyan old Scots word for an effeminate or priggish young man, a cockapentie is a man whose pride and shallowness compels him to live far beyond his means. The wrong kind of day to be …. Probably a corruption of crooked and pricklescroochie-proochles is an old Scots dialect word for a feeling of discomfort that comes from sitting in a constricted, cramped position for too long.

As well as being another name for a late-season lamb, a cuckoo-lamb is born to older parents. All those loose feathers and bits of fluff that come out of pillows and cushions?

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BY Paul Anthony Jones. The wrong kind of day to be … COSP The handle of a spade. CULF All those loose feathers and bits of fluff that come out of pillows and cushions? Subscribe to our Newsletter!

Mean words that start with c

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