Matchmaking failed you must gain at least

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Got a low trust factor by playing too good and got reported? Worry not you are not alone. It happens many times especially when you have noob opponents or nasty teammates. In some cases, players report you just for fun CS: GO community is known to be toxic.

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So in this guide, we will show you how you can increase your Trust Factor in CS: GO and ensure that your stays clean. So first you need to understand why your trust factor is so low. The matchmaking screen is a good indication of the trust level. Green is always the best. No errors are shown. It basically shows other players that your trust factor is low. It can be easily converted to green by following the steps below. Do all the steps so that within a week you will be back to green status. Make sure to always run the game in the trusted mode in order to have a good trust factor.

This means you have been reported multiple times and you were playing with hackers. Chances are you were using hacks yourself which caused this. The red trust factor is hard to erase but not impossible. But you will need to do all the steps mentioned below to remove the red trust factor. It will take a long time since you first need to become yellow and then green. There are a of factors that cause low trust factors. You need to ensure that you do not do any of those things in order to maintain a good trust factor in cs: go. Being and toxic player, or using cheats is obviously a no-go.

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If you get voted off and kicked from competitive matches then your trust factor will be ificantly lowered. The same applies to abandoning matches. The more matches you abandon the lower your trust factor gets. Be a good CS: GO team player. Also, practice aiming well. Noob players tend to get voted off at higher levels. If you are toxic with words and actions then you are sure to be reported. The more players report you the lower your trust factor becomes. Baiting, team flashing, verbal abuse, etc are all reasons for which players will report you.

The more they report you the lower your trust factor will be. Cheaters are not welcome by cs: go community and they need to be banned. If you are using hacks, walls or any other cheats stop it and play fair. Only then your trust factor will increase. This guide is meant for players who play fair.

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If a global elite plays with gold novas they will obviously think that the opponent is hacking. Play with your own skill level to avoid getting reported. This will ensure that your trust factor is always high. If you have an incomplete steam profile or have been banned in many games you will end up with a low trust factor.

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The steam profile level and your steam impact the trust factor. Make sure to complete your steam profile, add a steam guard, and your mobile to steam. It helps secure your as well as increase your trust factor. Your steam level and the money you have invested in-games also plays a minor part in determining your trust factor. I too faced the low trust factor issue. My steam was level 1 and it became level 3 after purchases and completing my profile.

With prime s, you will get better matchmaking experience and way fewer hackers. Nonprime lobbies in my experience are filled with hackers and every 5 matches you come across a hacker. Sometimes every 3 matches. My worst experience was when I played 3 matches in a row with all hackers. At one point there were two hackers random in my own team and 4 hackers in the opposite team.

Aimbot and walls. The more you play with low trust factor players the more your own trust factor will drop. As much as possible try to play with trusted players who already have ranks. Played with high trust factor players can ificantly help boost your own trust factor. Team kills are one of the main reasons why people lose their trust factor in cs: go.

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Make sure to avoid team kills. Even if you get a lot of accidental kills you will get a low trust factor. Playing with hackers also lowers your trust factor ificantly. If there are hackers in your team kick and report them. This is the only way to keep your trust factor safe. If you are playing with hackers then you deserve a low trust factor. Kick and report hackers and help the cs: go community. You need to complete your steam profile and add all the details required. Once your is unrestricted your trust factor will automatically increase.

This is especially true for new s. Make sure it is steam unrestricted in order to get a better trust factor. It helps you increase your steam level and in return helps increase your trust factor. The more active you are in the steam community the higher will be your level and trust factor.

So make guides, complete achievements, likes, comments, etc. Be an active member of the community. It is one of the main requirements stated by the valve corp itself. Not everyone is a die-hard cs: go player like you. Stop being toxic to your teammates.

If you are a good player then teach them to play well instead of being toxic. This happens a lot with toxic players so teamkilling will result in a major drop in the CS:GO trust factor. Mind your language and be a good person. Be respectful and have fun in-game. The less Matchmaking failed you must gain at least you are the less you will be reported and kicked.

Make sure to be a healthy member of the steam community. After one week, do all the things mentioned in this guide. You will automatically end up with a high trust factor. It will take time but is the easiest method to recover your trust factor. I recommend you do it if you are too lazy to do all the other tasks. The more you play the more you will increase your trust factor.

When you have completed service medals you can easily get a good boost to your trust factor. Levels, medals, Ranks, and achievements play a key role in determining your trust factor. And prime membership is easy to obtain. You can either buy the membership of reach level 21 in your csgo. Once you reach the level 21 level your is automatically converted to a prime.

Prime membership ensures you get a good matchmaking pool with decent players. It also helps you avoid hackers and is thus recommended for most players. You also have a higher chance for rare drops. The more players commend you the higher will be your trust factor. Ask your friends for commendations and you will end up with a good trust factor.

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Do note: you need commendations from many different players rather than a single-player commending you every match. The more commendations you have from different players the higher your trust factor will be. If hackers hack your your trust factor is lowered. I had my pubg banned because of hackers which ended up lowering by trust factor ificantly.

Matchmaking failed you must gain at least

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