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Dating back to 2, to 7, years the Thai massage technique is a traditional healing system that combines Indian Ayurvedic principles with acupressure.

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Called nuatphaenboran or the ancient-style massage it is perceived to have healing properties at both the physical and emotional levels. The technique is unlike Shiatsu or the Swedish massage where the patient lies on the bed passively.

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In this, the client, ideally, participates actively in the massage. Based on the notion of Sen or energy lines the Thai massage in dubai channelizes the energy within the body. Additionally, the Sen corresponds to different parts of the body such as nerves, muscles, bones, and blood that impact the consciousness and are also subtle channels.

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Thai massage at the Dubai Riverday spa constricts or opens the channels to balance the flow of energy. Hot Stone Massage. We Provide you With The Best.

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AED - Duration 60 Mins. AED - Duration 90 Mins.

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Get an exotic treatment at the Dubai Riverday Spa for a truly relaxing, rejuvenating, and memorable experience. As you begin your treatment at the hands of our experienced therapists, you will be transported to a world of absolute.

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Massage dubai hot

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