Mardi gras anal beads

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RJReves : I was gonna do an anal be joke, but it was shiatty. I was going to go with: Yes but only if you pull them out slowly. Remember, it's an anus your dealing with, not a lawnmower starter. AintNoAmoeba : St. Catherine's of Siena encourages parents to bring their be from Mardi Gras to the school yearly, instead of sneaking them past their children to throw them out, for a good cause.

Just another Heartland Weirdass : Why not just keep em and use them next year? Seems silly to break something that works just to repackage and re-sell it. I've been told by friends that some rather debaucherous and possibly unsanitary things have happened at Mardi Gras. Mikey : Butt stuff? I wouldn't recommend Mardi Gras be for that. The string could break, and then you're destined to be one of those people with the XRays that eventually leak online. I repeat. Benwa balls. Not the same thing.

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Because the Krewes give the be away, they don't have any to keep for next year. This is a church collecting them for people and reselling them to the Krewes to give them away again next year. Lawsuits, medical costs over-whelm durability of be. Heavier be found harder to throw by drunken revelers. Ball bearings completely out of the question due to costs, complaints. That a lot of money even if the kids have to scrub a bit of feces of them. I meant the parents could keep them and toss them next year. Unless there is some kind of krews only rule when whipping plastic be at ta tas during a drunken debauchery festival.

SBinRR : [media. Upon reading further up thread, I see that my anal quip was not so original. I take it Mardi gras anal beads. I take it all back! I remember telling a guy my age in a bar just a year ago about SSP's They were a big farking deal when I was young I remember them being a whole lot of fun. Good times. Some of them had little flints in the wheel that would spark as the thing was careening down the street we used to play with them in the street and on the sidewalk.

We would also use the little ramps t crash our Tonka trucks Toys aren't cool anymore.

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Eli WhiskeyDik : I liked the sound it made when you pulled the plastic thing through the "sprocket". Submit a Link ». Try -Free Fark. Forgot password? Mobile Search:. If you can read this, either the style sheet didn't load or you have an older browser that doesn't support style sheets. Try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the. View Voting : Smartest and Funniest. Oldest « 1 2 » Newest Show all. I was gonna do an anal be joke, but it was shiatty. Oddly, your fark handle checks out on this one. This text is now purple. I see we're no longer doing phrasing.

Butt stuff?

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Just another Heartland Weirdass. Why not just keep em and use them next year?

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I don't think that children should be handling I think You're maybe thinking of benwa balls? Let them have their fun.

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Don't forget the wooden handle on the end for an easy grip. Be, be the magical fruit You're talking throwing hammers, aren't you? Yeah, like the be touch the ground on Bourbon Street. Be are tossed from parade floats. That's how the be get into circulation in the first place. People who are walking around with be have them because they caught them at a parade.

What you've see on Bourbon Street s for probably 0. That's why this is such a great program. Instead of everyone throwing away their be after Mardi Gras and the Krewes having to buy all new ones every year, a chunk of the be thrown get returned to the Krewes and re-thrown at a later parade, and some kids benefit in the process. I fear you misunderstand the point of be Mardi gras anal beads a parade.

The be are offered to the female spectators in return for the female spectators exposing certain parts of their bodies. The parade participants are trading the be for sexual gratification. Now why the female spectators would want to trade exposing their boobies for a few cheap arse be I have no clue but I have been told that's pretty much how the white man ended up with Manhattan. Skanky: Exposing yourself for be. Uber-Skanky: Exposing yourself for used be.

The be, that is. Also, a long-expose pic I took somewhere around You normally wouldn't catch me dead in the Quarter during MG, but my media gig at the time involved broadcasting from a hotel balcony all Fat Tuesday. Eli WhiskeyDik. I hand or toss all my be to the. Especially blinkies! It's about the catch, not the product.

Unless it's a Muse shoe or Zulu coconut. I caught a coconut once and some girl tried to to strip-sack it. I don't normally stiff-arm girls but she was clearly intent on that Zulu 'nut and I had to do what a NOLA man had to do. Dated a girl on the Muse's, what do they call it, board of directors?

I dunno. She offered me a shoe and I declined because it doesn't count unless. True story, bro. It's a rule to live by. I always wondered why the be tasted like ass. Now I know. I had this set Just hope the sanitized them first. While we're mourning toys of the past, I had this as well:.

Mardi gras anal beads

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