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Total Respondents Perhaps both. The women were a bit more diverse. Not too many comments on this one. There is a stereotype that all men like blow jobs, and they all can orgasm from them really quickly. No so! This one kind of surprised me. I talked about this a bit in the last post, but here are some of the comments:.

Did you notice a trend in those last two questions? I did. It sort of answered the question Love married women who swallow was asking last week. Is it okay for a wife not to allow her husband to ejaculate in her mouth? Is it okay NOT to swallow?

Does it matter? But still, there seems to be something inside a lot of us men that craves this act: something deeper than a lust or a selfish desire, something that is an innate need. I see a lot of talk about acceptance in these comments about this topic, and I think acceptance is ultimately what we crave.

We want need, to know we are accepted, fully, without reserve by our wives. Perhaps it is just symbolic, a proxy for what we really want. I know for me, I can do without it. I feel accepted enough. So, what did you think of the oral sex survey? Learn anything new? Any interesting pieces for you, anything you were surprised by? Let us know in the comments below. Subscribe to get the 2 PDF full of questions to help you and your spouse start to talk about your sex life. Very accurate perception on your part, SR. A full yes indeed. But, like Jay Dee said, it could simply be a symbolic proxy for a deeper need.

LIke Jay Dee too though, to be blessed with oral to completion is enough. If the wife is not showing any enthusiasm and appears to be just going through the motions, this detracts from the enjoyment for the husband. Oral sex for the husband is about more than just physical sensations, there Love married women who swallow an emotional component and he wants his wife to enjoy doing this.

From the survey, and from comments by husbands on other marriage blogs, it does make a difference for many husbands if the wife accepts the ejaculation inside her mouth. A wife should not be pressured into allowing this, but she may want to at least try it a few times. Many wives have found that with a little experience accepting the ejaculation is not difficult. Even wives who thought they would never do this are surprised when they finally try it that there was nothing to fear.

Swallowing is going further, yes, and it is not as important for the husband as the wife enthusiastically taking him to ejaculation without pulling him out at the last second. Oral sex can be a very tender, giving, and loving act when people get over their mental hangups about it. Tools like this help greatly in communication. But, it would BEVery helpful to review with the wife that you want naked before you or on top, under, beside, parallel, indoors, outdoors, wet, dry, etc.

If we ticked off 3 times a week plus or minus, then I would go deep into the playbook! There are about crazy things I dream about doing with her — just her! Seriously, I feel like we have some great new chapters to open up.

Do you know that cuddling and hugging release OxyContin? But, if you had an amazing orgasm, that is like a month of hugs? You can orgasm without your wife swallowing. And that does make sense. Most husbands are pretty adaptable about exactly how sex happens with their wives, but they want sex to happen!

Willingly, frequently, and happily. I think there is a minority that is extremely vocal, while the nonchalant ones are … well … nonchalant. But, all the studies show that the happiest couples are those that are adaptable. I think that is a vital skill in any marriage. In honesty… BJ — big points No swallow — plus 2 bonus Swallow — plus 4 bonus. She probably has all sorts of crazy things she wants that I may think go to far?? I cannot speak for any other man.

Frankly this is not a subject i discuss with my friends or colleagues really! My wish would be 2 or 3 times a week. Words are a poor substitute for sex. I feel like other things take priority to us setting aside time to form that intimate bond more often. On the topic, I am willing and happy to give him oral.

I know that affects the taste. He has never brought me to orgasms though, just uses it more as foreplay. I was married for twenty years and very few did we not make love.

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I loved going down on my wife and I never had to be asked. My wife very seldomly need any encouragements to go down on me. Hell we would give each other Love married women who swallow in the car,at the park, driving down the road,in porta potties,on planes, hell we gave each other head all day every day and we enjoyed it.

I meant to comment on the discussion on swallowing, that when my husband stopped drinking, I noticed a huge improvement in the taste. Neither of us want to finish oral and then commence with a bunch of kissing. Anyone else have this hangup, or is it just us? Same with smoking, eating red meat, eating any meet, eating more fruit, drinking more water. Basically, the healthier you are, generally the better you taste. It was also difficult to make meals that the kids would eat. My husband has no inhibitions about switching back and forth from intercourse to oral to get me really chargedso I feel if he tastes ours mixed then I surely can adapt.

Swallowing used to also be a hangup but I have overcome that and now I look forward to swallowing and love it as does he. We are not exactly newlyweds, I am 54 and he is I have come to realize that this is what holds a marriage together. I concur with Jane. My wife has me pretty trained to enjoy going down on her after I orgasm. Now, it seems only fair for me to be OK with tasting and swallowing our juices if I expect or enjoy her doing it for me.

Jane, what a FINE wife you are, and very in tune with making marriage great!! Husband and wife both are one and totally sharing their bodies is so beautiful. Like you, my wife and I switch back and forth and consider it a normal part of our love. With us, ALL inhibitions are gone. She loves it and I love it. We are a couple 42 and 38 and oral is an exciting aspect of our marriage.

Jane, wives like you are worth their weight in gold!!!

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I also am married to a wonderful woman like you. My wife is 8 years older 54 and absolutely beautiful inside and out! We have always been open and honest about everything including past sex lives. We have been married 16 years and it has been wonderful. She considers oral an essential part Love married women who swallow foreplay and always swallows and expects me to do the same. Like you we both practice switching and she always loves it and is no inhibitions with it.

My wife is soooo beautiful could be a twin of Sally Field I am continually in a state of bliss!! How long after she delivers can she stomach veggies again? Hmm, that usually means your missing something in your diet. Not red meat, but rather something in it that needs to be gained from somewhere else. Possibly iron, that tends to be one people forget about and it can cause weakness. Not too long after pregnancy she can eat them again, it slowly fades.

But summer is easier to buy fresh foods. Very interesting survey. Thanks for sharing. Of course, some women use this maliciously. The flip side of this is knowing your are giving your spouse so much pleasure from doing one simple thing. This part of you that you show to no one but your spouse.

That sense of someone focusing our pleasure without having to work for it is comforting, connecting, intimate. I too found it is interesting that men describe oral sex, specifically, ejaculating into their wives mouths, as such an intimate experience. My husband enjoys receiving oral for foreplay, but has told me that finishing together through intercourse is the most intimate experience for him. And as much as I enjoy receiving oral from my husband, I too feel that PIV is far more intimate, the closest we can be to each other and the best ending of our sexual encounter. Sweet it a way.

It feels very intimate as well, just in a different way. As a 38 yr old male I have a great attraction to being blown by women. To me theres power and pleasure in someone doing this to me, yet in a recent relationship I fulfilled this fantasy and came in my lovers mouth it was satisfying for us both. However I do crave yearn to make love to her-which isnt happening for other reasons. The desire to cum in a womens mouth is a mix of things for me-power, complete acceptance and giving submission by a female which is beautiful. I feel facials can be degrading as they are often portrayed this way yet depends on the intention of the person.

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When we are in a really good place in our marriage, and are enjoying regular sex, oral is a nice special treat for some added fireworks. Doggy does nothing for me, but we will often move to doggy after I have orgasmed for my husband to finish up that way. I know he enjoys it so I enjoy letting him. There is just something about being connected from head to toe, arms and legs wrapped that provides a feeling of closeness and connection. Like I said, especially if we are in a tender place.

There are plenty of opportunities for it all! Oh my goodness, I totally agree with happywife! As a woman, nothing compared to face-to-face sex. Doggy style dose zip for me. I feel more protected and…dominated?

Love married women who swallow

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Oral Sex and the Christian Wives Who Love Giving It