Lost faith in life

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Sometimes the status quo has been so bad for so long you no longer even notice you're struggling. When awful is the order of the day, it's easy to lose sight of a real need to step back and regroup. Maybe you're a business owner whose company is failing.

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Maybe you're a manager who is overwhelmed and no longer certain you have or can even find the answers. No matter who you are, if any of the following strikes a chord, take action. If you don't, your problems will get worse before they get better:.

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If you need help, definitely ask -- but with one caveat. Never spend more than two or three minutes describing the situation to a friend or family member.

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Whining, complaining, and even commiserating never helps. You only end up feeling worse, not better. Instead focus the conversation on ways to make the situation better. Then, when you've dug out of your current hole, decide if being in a better place is enough. If it's not, great -- you can make changes from a position of strength, not out of weakness or desperation. Photo courtesy flickr user VenturistCC 2. Chrome Safari Continue. Be the first to know. Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting.

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Losing and Regaining Your Faith in Life