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Quantifying the best of anything is a dicey endeavor. Whether it be dive bars or gay bars or strip clubsthe best places for you will, of course, depend on your taste. We're not making any guarantees with this list, either. Some guys like earthy natural beauties, some like tattooed punkettes, some dig curvy Latinas, while many are into lanky blondes. Being genetically — or surgically — blessed is one thing, and in L. Still, as the Weekly 's nightlife prowler-at-large, we do tend to notice a predominance of pretty things at certain night spots.

Since we shoot a weekly slideshow, we have to be on the lookout, after all. The following bars always seem to have gal gaggles with moxie and allure — L. Note: This one's about celebrating allure, not objectifying. Please refrain from the anonymous hater comments, unless you're an ugly, lonely loser who knows you could never, EVER get any of these babes in real life, even with lame lines and tons of liquor.

And ladies, a list of hot boy bars is coming soon…. It's a no-brainer.

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Hotels always have hotties, and if the hotel is trendy and visually appealing, the guests usually follow suit. Unlike the rooftop mayhem of Drai's, which can be random on weekends, the W Hotel's Living Room Lounge attracts a more exclusive, usually sexy and sophisticated scene queen.

The Havana speakeasy es muy calienteespecially when dancers come out and interact with patrons at the tables and atop the bar. La Descarga might be on a sketchy street and pretty hidden you enter through a faux armoir door but inside, it's a bold place. Guests are encouraged to dress up, so you'll see vixens rocking fierce vintage frocks and femme fatale makeup often.

Art Galleries For Partying. The gals who come here are on the young side some nights are and-over and they often are wearing things that mama surely would not approve of. To be safe, moves should only be made on the cuties who wander into the next-door bar, which is over Thankfully, Skinny's Lounge doesn't live up to its name when it comes to the ladies.

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The gals here tend to be Bettie types many nights, thanks to the bevy of burlesque showcased. Victory Variety Hour nights in particular offer some the sexiest and most subversive eye candy in town. Though it closed down recently, El Cid is back and it's sultrier than ever.

It may not be packing in half-naked boy toys with raging dance clubs, but the entertainment, food and band bookings, now done by Foodchain Records peeps, is seeing the s ass return to Silver Lake. See also: 10 Places in L. This one's still a beaut, albeit an older one.

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Beauty Barthe bar responsible for the vamping of Cahuenga Boulevard, still attracts fancy females of the rock-chick ilk, some looking for manicures and some just men. Boho babes and creative types tend to dig this literary-themed liquor house, named after Ernest Hemingway. The Hemingway's door is somewhat selective, so you aren't likely to see any Snooki look-alikes here.

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The women who frequent the place tend to be effortlessly beautiful cool chicks, the kind who look like they threw on whatever was lying on the floor, ran their fingers through their hair and smeared on eye makeup while driving to the bar. We love them and we hate them.

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Sad Lindsay Lohan hauntings aside, drinks at Chateau always yield some ogle-worthy Miss Thing, famous or not. At the adjacent Bar Marmontthe crowd is artier and a bit less Hollywood, brimming with the types of gals who likely work behind the camera, styling and making up celebs to look as cool as they are. With summer rapidly approaching, The Standard Downtown will once again be a DJ-fueled hub of hotness.

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This bar and its bodacious pool parties are what many L. We will look good in our cut-out one-piece and heels this year! Of course, some more free-spirited chickees — like the ones pictured — just opt to strip to their undies. On the dance floor or by the pool, the females here give the Los Angeles skyline a run for its money. How can we help you? Sweet James has my permission to help provide a free police report. News News See all. Food See all. One Of L. Music See all. Worra Takes a Day Trip in L. July 22, Entertainment See all. Arts See all.

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Top 10 Bars With the Hottest Women in L.A.