Looking waiting hoping

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Writing an important ? Grammarly will make sure it looks great before you hit send. Write with Grammarly Although plenty of business s end with this phrase, there are better options. Good communication eliminates guesswork for the recipient.

No bueno.

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I plan to hand off this graphic to our de team by Friday. Would you please send me your feedback by Wednesday? Just keep in mind that this sort of closing is a bit softer than requesting input by a specific date.

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This is another closing that can sound pushy in the wrong context. If your has a friendly tone overall, then the -off will sound friendly. Am looking is weaker sentence construction— looking requires an auxiliary helper verb, amin order to make sense. I look forward is a better choice. Sometimes, you need a reply only when the status of a project changes. You need a reply yesterday.

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Save this closing for when your recipient has delayed and you need to be firm and no-nonsense. But be aware that this closing conveys a serious, even angry, tone. Unless, of course, you work in the collections department.

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Use it for friendly communication, such as writing to a close friend or relative. Everyone uses it, so your recipient might ignore it.

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Looking waiting hoping

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Waiting, Hoping, Wishing