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It was updated on July He braced himself for what lay ahead. I did not know who it was. Heidt was a successful real estate developer who'd made millions in this sprawling county about an hour north of Savannah. The patriarch of a close-knit family, he was married to wife Linda for 42 years.

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They had values and they believed in each other. We were family, nobody was perfect Chris and Craig are the most alike," she replied. And Carey was the baby of the family. It was Carey who followed his dad into real estate, becoming his business partner. He and wife Robin had three kids of their own. Murder just didn't fit with the seemingly perfect family the sheriff knew so well In charge was Agent Eugene Howard, who quickly realized that the crime scene was not what it seemed.

Nothing was rummaged through. There was money left out," Howard explained. James Downs explained. The shooter leaves Carey, proceeds to the parents' bedroom Linda was the mother Based on those injuries and the pellets found at the scene, the medical examiner says the shooter used a gauge shotgun; up close and personal.

You don't really need to aim.

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You just kinda point and shoot. To get an idea of the damage a gauge shotgun does at such close range, "48 Hours" asked the sheriff's firearms instructor, Ed Myrick, to demonstrate using the same model shotgun, the same type of buckshot and the same three-inch shell used by the killer. Given the close range, Linda probably would have died instantly had she not turned her head at the moment of impact.

But, almost as if the power of those shotgun blasts wasn't enough, the gunman next drenched the entire house in gasoline. Gasoline and gunpowder," Linda told Spencer. But the killer never set the gas ablaze, perhaps panicking when he heard Linda's desperate call to Investigators checked the alibi of a local drug dealer, but quickly ruled him out.

They next turned their attention to the Heidt's real estate dealings. They found no motive and no suspect. Then Sheriff McDuffie recalled an unsettling conversation he's had with Carey Heidt only a month earlier. As the whole county soon would learn, it was hardly the perfect family. Not only was the marriage on the rocks, but even more shockingly, Robin Heidt was having an affair with her husband's older brother, Craig. The Heidt clan was turning out just as its patriarch had hoped.

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The killer had cut the phones lines and smashed a pane of glass in a door. Murder was the motive. News of the murders spread quickly in this rural southern community and so did fear. According to McDuffie, "They did. Photos Clues in the murder of Kevin Harris. The disappearance of Jennifer Kesse. Evidence photos: Pelley family quadruple murder.

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The life and near death of prizefighter Christy Salters-Martin. An inside look at the final hours of Cayley Mandadi's life.

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Long shot Lenox Georgia club goofy Lenox Georgia

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Affair le to shocking Ga. double murder