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Grow your marketing agency by enabling messaging across your client portfolio. Engage and convert prospects across the messaging channels they use every day. Adding your products and services to free advertising sites is a quick, easy, and affordable way for your business to gain exposure. This is especially true for local businesses. The majority of free advertising sites are built for local businesses in a classified layout and structure. But did you know that you can use Facebook Messenger for business?

And more than 1. To get the most out of Facebook Messenger marketingyou need a chat platform to connect with customers at scale. And MobileMonkey is most well recognized Facebook chat marketing platform, and you can use it to advertise to your entire audience on Facebook for free. MobileMonkey Facebook Messenger chatbots allow you to engage with your audience with marketing automation tools such as:. All the Messenger contacts captured by your Facebook Messenger bot can be added to other MobileMonkey marketing channels. This includes SMS text messaging, native live chat for your website, and other web chat apps like Instagram and WhatsApp.

Check out the top 7 List of post free classified ads ad hacks of all time for more ad ideas! Google My Business is an online directory that lets you connect with customers across Google Search and Google Maps for free. In turn, Google My Business incorporates this information into their listings in order to ensure your site appears when users search relevant content. You can post photos and offers to your profile to show what makes your business unique, and give customers reasons to choose you every time.

Google My Business gives your customers more ways to reach you — by calling, messaging, or leaving reviews. Facebook Marketing is a dominant force in customer acquisition and has been upgrading its platform for a long period with a lot of emphasis on online shopping.

Since the advent of Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shops business s, the social media platform has provided functions that imitate those of the best classified sites. Facebook Shops launched in May and will be rolled out incrementally over the next year. Creating a Facebook Shop is free and only takes a few minutes to set up. Businesses can choose the products they want to feature from their catalog and then customize the look and feel of their shop with a cover image and accent colors that showcase their brand.

Now that Facebook Shops are live in the US, the implications of this entirely new sales channel are enormous, especially for D2C brands. The platform has proved to be an especially effective tool for selling cars, real estate, furniture, and retail products. Whether you want to sell t-shirts or get cash for a used company vehicle, Facebook can help you make money. Due to its size and status, as well as good search engine optimization SEO rankings, eBay listings result in more visibility than the majority of other websites. Additionally, eBay has a good social media presence and follower base.

And unlike many other free advertising sites, eBay has an interactive interface that makes it easier to publish free advertisements. Craigslist remains a popular destination for finding products and services to buy and sell, and is still one of the top 50 most frequented sites as of October Craigslist is a powerful ad platform that has many sub such as jobs, services, housing, events, and merchandise.

Therefore, sub enable your to reach a wide range of audiences. Perhaps the most well-known classified site today, Craigslist is impressively ranked in the top 30 most visited websites in the U. This platform has a huge lineup of that allows you to sell just about any product or service. These are so diverse that they range from automotive and beauty services to computer parts and parking spots. Currently, Craigslist allows users to post once per geographical area every 48 hours.

Posting is free for almost all products, with the exception of vehicles and furniture that may require a small fee. One downside List of post free classified ads Craigslist is that the site has been used for illegal activity quite a bit over time.

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One key difference, however, is that Locanto is great for businesses trying to build, or with an existing large community presence. Although not common, some cities may require a premium to post. However, Locanto is a truly free advertising website for the vast majority of users. Another differentiator from Craigslist is that Locanto stay live on the site for 60 days, as opposed to on the platform include options to include images, video, and hypertext mark-up language that link back to your website.

Lastly, another popular feature of Locanto is its analytics and social media buttons. Although limited, these features are a neat addition that allow you to better manage traffic to your. Oodle is one of the largest free ad networks in existence because you can connect your social media s, as well as local listings from sites like eBay, ForRent. One advantage to Oodle is that the platform plays well with social media. For example, you can connect your Oodle to your Facebook Business and post an update immediately when you run new Facebook. Furthermore, Oodle has a partnership with Advertigo, which is also a free online advertising site.

This allows you to also feature your Oodle listings on Advertigo, and vice-versa, which increases your reach. The platform is especially good for advertising products and services aimed at consumers, such as moving and storage, landscaping, maintenance work, as well as pet sitting and grooming services. OLX unlocks value for customers by providing platforms where you can buy or sell a home or car, find a job, sell things you no longer need, or find a great deal. Thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses find their customers on OLX every year with free user-genearted .

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Classified is a free ad listing website with as many to buy and sell services as any of the other free advertising sites on this list. Unlike many of the other classified websites, such as Craigslist, Classified. The platform has a presence in over 1, cities in over regions, as well as over 30 million views a month and thousands of daily replies to listings. If you wish to upgrade to paidthere are four enhancements to choose from, such as priority ranking and country-wide targeting options.

Gumtree has slowly gained strong global recognition since its start in the United Kingdom. However, the site is still largely focused on its UK population. This classified site offers free and paid advertisement opportunities for both business and consumers. Gumtree has proven itself as an effective free advertising platform to generate more sales through enticing advertisements. The site has Gumtree is especially useful for service businesses looking to reach new customers in their locale. Adding Sales Spider to your free advertising sources is a way to mix up the reach of your other free advertising activities.

Sales Spider helps SMB owners and executives grow their businesses and is completely free to register. The company has multiple technology patents pending. Sales Spider is one of the largest free social networks where business owners can find free sales le and prospect lists, as well as free business directories and free business forums.

If your business is focused on selling locally, then PennySaver USA is the kind of free high-traffic advertising site worth considering.

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Placing an ad is as easy as clicking that option, using their ad builder, and publishing. To officially place your ad, you of course will need to provide your contact information, but other than that, placing an ad on PennySaver is completely free. One of the largest issues with free advertising sites, especially classifieds, is the amount of scams and spam on the platform. Geebo goes the extra mile to help build, protect, and connect communities. And Geebo is continually updating to keep current with the criminal activity trends occurring on other sites.

While assuring that your own are legitimate and follow guidelines may increase the time it takes for your ad to be included on the site, the benefits are clear. If having the safest platform possible is your priority, Geebo counters Craigslist by taking precautionary measures to keep users safe. Before a classified ad goes live on Geebo, the company will review your listing. In fact, in 17 years of operation, Geebo claims to have never had any problems with illegal activity.

Again, the point of additional security measures on free ad sites is to minimize criminal activities and spam. This makes for a much better user experience.

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And the reason why security is especially appreciated on Hoobly, is that the platform has shifted its main focus on the pet and animal market. Hoobly is a no-frills free advertising site that is available for over 30 countries, with its most prominent presence in the United States.

This includes specific to art, clothing, jewelry, real estate, and vehicles. Browse through hundreds of marketing tools in the following lists:. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For Instagram. Grow your audience and reach. Leverage messaging automation to give followers instant gratification in DMs, comments and story mentions. Boost engagement and visibility. Skyrocket meaningful engagements and impact als that increase visibility. Drive traffic to monetized platforms. Activate sales funnels by turning Instagram traffic into website traffic and captured le.

Gain Clients. Differentiate your agency with emergent, ROI-driving marketing technology.

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Increase Retainers. Expand service offerings by replicating powerful marketing funnels across clients. Reduce Client Churn. Automatically qualify and nurture le and hand-off to sales and support.

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View and reply to incoming conversations from le and customers in one place. Time-saving automation. Simple automations for FAQs and lead qualification save you time. Grow your business. Sell more with lead capture and list growth tools.

One-time notifications : Invite users to get updates and promotional messages Drip campaigns : Sequenced messages across Facebook, SMS, and webchat Before checking in to the particular website, you need to check the of the specific online website.

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Facebook post autoresponders : Capture le and subscribers from organic Facebook posts All the Messenger contacts captured by your Facebook Messenger bot can be added to other MobileMonkey marketing channels. Save my Free Seat!

List of post free classified ads

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