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Though her official title is Life Strategist, Suzannah Galland is a bit more than that: Not only does she give clients specific and actionable advice, but she uses numerology, and, well, intuition, to understand all the personalities and factors at play. Chiseled features. Strong jawline. Likes fishing and yoga and travel and good wine. Has a good job, a passion for philanthropy, a naughty sense of humor. Loves a good book.

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This is it, you think giddily with the click of a mouse as the first date is set. What could possibly go wrong? For Like for a rate and date women, online dating is an invitation for the thrill of a candlelight dinner and seductive conversations with a very spicy someone. Yet, time and time again, what starts out as totally fun attention bubbling with sexual tension ends a few weeks later flat and lifeless. Seduced, and then ignored or let down, yet again.

We update our profile with a sexier pic and again we seek out another. And another. How can we turn it around? So I want to give you some tools to set up the first phase of a relationship—the courtship—with a big smile, transforming burnout into something to get excited about again. Remember men often see online women daters as vulnerable. In general, men are the proverbial hunters. Women, on the other hand, are receptors. No one, no one, not even you are what you seem in a dating profile. We are not who we are perceived to be online.

Be prepared for disappointment or at least expect to be surprised. But there is a sharp difference between a somewhat amended reality to turning up to a date with a downright lie of a human being. What can we do to spare ourselves from being seduced by lies, from becoming cyber-hooked by the wrong person—the one who leaves us pining for more while he or she is already flirting with the next best digital option? How do I know? I have coached many online daters and helped them to find that special mate.

Yet, there are some clients who walk in with heart in hand, suffering from a form of virtual blindness. My job is to gently, or at times sharply pull them out of a drowning vat and give them permission to have some downtime to dry out. Only then can I help them to reboot their lives and remind them of how fascinating they truly are.

Intuition overrides this tendency to delude the truth. Intuition is never wrong. I define intuition spiritually, as a thought-form that originates at a soul level—that core part of us that always tells us the truth, no matter what we might prefer to think, no matter what we might want to hear.

Intuition is our most conscious link with this supravital force. Each of us has enormous intuitive potential. This is not something that just a few gifted people possess.

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It is a skill we can all develop. How do you perceive yourself? How do you perceive your love life? What do you expect to get from online dating? To break this cycle of dead-beat dating, raise your standards. First, look at your photo and your profile.

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What are you really saying? What are you telling others? How honest are you being? Next, consider what kind of person you really want. Is loyalty a primary value you seek?

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Is it safety and security? Or a casual love mate with similar interests? On top of it, sleeping around is an arduous process. And very few women can do this without having their energy zapped out of them. When we raise the bar, we protect ourselves from the nasty game of hunt or be hunted. Trying to improve your love life is exactly like trying to improve your home. Look at Like for a rate and date space around you: Are there comfortable places, alluring colors, is your bathroom stocked with nourishing oils?

Fill your space with reminders that you are enjoying your sensual self. Step by step, give yourself a makeover—clothes, living space. If you want a man to buy you flowers, buy yourself some flowers. Give yourself the very things you want to receive from your beloved. Your inner reality will be painfully reflected back to you. Take an extra moment to cherish yourself.

When you feel cherished, sit down and rewrite your profile and a picture that reflects this more beautiful and desirable you. Sarah, a fashion manager at a retail outlet on Rodeo Drive and a client of mine, visits me about once a month, or whenever she needs help making a difficult decision.

In our last meeting, Sarah was transitioning from a painful breakup. She admitted her days were spent yearning for her ex to call, or text, or anything…just not this. She hated the silence. Sarah would do anything to bring back that magic spark, and Internet dating provided the perfect fix. She produced an elegant bra and lingerie set, essential body oils, and a long pearl necklace that she wanted to wear with red stilettos.

She was excited to hear my take and handed me her iPad. I continued to read their online flirts, which were tarnished with mumblings about why she should sleep with him. Yet his profile has little or no story about body art. In this case, there was little to profile. It was clear that his motivation was, as we Brits say, to ring the bell and get the coconut! A clear path for disaster. I shared my quick hit with Sarah: He is a narcissist, bored, and emotionally detached. His techniques are crude and set up to invite a newbie to prove herself.

He may enjoy a playful tease, much like a coyote that toys with its prey before the kill. Sarah was devastated to hear my profile. Another case of virtual blindness. To most of us the obvious is not always apparent and, as baffling as it is, we need to find a way to support our sister friends through these trying states. I decided to ask Sarah how she felt about him.

Sarah felt a connection, a deep longing to meld. She knew they would hook up and knew how to lure him to cave to her needs. I just know I can have something special with him.

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I feel it. She was cyber hooked, and it was clear her intuition was offline. The basic rule: hit before you run. The first six seconds can tell you everything you need to know about whether his profile picture really illustrates who he is and whether his profile is just window dressing or skin. Now take a moment and remember a person you know who has a very low, unhappy, negative energy. Maybe he broke your heart. Set that up in your mind with a rating of just one. Using your energy scale, you can start training your mind to evaluate, or rather sense, people and situations.

When you do this with intention, a will pop into your head. Do it throughout your day. Practice on anyone and everyone—people at the office, the grocery store, a restaurant, the cab driver.

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If you find that your mind is blank or fluctuating rapidly, take a moment, breath in and out while focusing on your heart area, until your stress stops inhibiting you. These people are exciting, engaging, and this is the you need to know to move forward to the next step. Phone calls are an excellent time to practice using your energy scale.

With the written word, we tend to reveal who we think we are or, we flat out lie and say what we think others want to hear. The voice is an energy of its own and gives you additional cues. When you meet dates for the first time make sure to exercise your perception right of the bat.

The first impression that comes to you is always the right one. If your date feels gray or rattles your mind, try not to judge him. After all, a person can be right for someone else, just not you. The closest thing to a love match.

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If you want marriage or at a minimum to avoid drama you can build a relationship with a 7— They have worked on themselves, are learning to be considerate, admit their ways, accept responsibility for their actions, and are reliable. Above all, they are ready for a commitment. You feel safe, loved, cherished, and you can trust them.

This technique really helps broaden your perception and in no time you will know how to assess anyone from a serial dater to a love match. My client Jennifer is a jewelry deer who recently went through a very vulnerable time. After a series of self-defeating, obsessive, and manipulative relationships, she hoped for something vastly different. At age 40, she was suffering from online burnout yet remained obsessed with online dating.

Like for a rate and date

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How To Rate Your Date—Before Getting Hooked